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Designer Of The Week: Williams Felix Of Liams Assembly


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Launched in 2018, Liams Assembly is a ready-to-wear menswear brand founded by its creative director, Williams Felix. The brand’s aesthetic philosophy revolves around the idea that it isn’t just a salesy brand, but one which seeks to contribute its quota to the world using fashion as a tool. Hence, their watchword: ‘Changing the world one cloth at a time’.

In the past eight months, the brand has launched four editions: Debonair Man, Evolution and two Fall editions. It also was recognized in 2018 as one of the best emerging fashion brands by Royale Awards. These of course are impressive feats for as we all know, being a fashion designer can be as demanding and interesting as it seems.

As a kid, Felix had a thing for dressing stylishly and this won him admiration as well as drew attention to him. He was born and spent his formative years in Uyo, Akwa Ibom where he also obtained a Degree in Philosophy from the University of Uyo. Up until now, his dress sense still pulls people to him. To the designer, clothes have always been a good way of expressing one’s individuality.

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His love for fashion propelled him to start a radio and Facebook series in 2017 titled Fashion Felix. On realizing that the series received reasonable attention from his audience, he decided to offer more by producing classy wears and that was how Liams Assembly was birthed.

Aside being a fashion enthusiast, Felix is a good dancer. Dancing is one way he declutters his mind and produces endorphin to keep him going. He also has an interest in writing. He writes about hilarious life experiences and shares with his friends on social media. He also creates blog posts, sales copies, promotional contents and proposals for the brand. With a style best described as minimalist yet versatile, Felix can pull up any look and still emerge elegant. Bad boy or perfect gentleman? He can dole out anytime.

Knowing full well that no man is an island, he never fails to check up other brands he looks up to so as to stay inspired and catch up with others in the game. For Nigerian brands, David Baller and David Wej are his regular while Polo by Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford are the foreign designers he looks up to.

Liams Assembly is currently an e-commerce business present on most social media handles. With a functional website that serves a dual purpose of buying and blogging, the brand hopes to create its own recognized niche where it can be easily identified even by its logo. With the dream to own a couple of stores worldwide and exhibit in the big fashion shows of the world, the brand will stop at nothing while changing the world one cloth at a time.

To shop or know more about Liams Assembly, visit www.liamsassembly.com