Ankara Styles to Help You Rock Your 2020

Will our Ankara fabric ever go extinct? I’d say a very big NO to that. I mean, is that even a question? With the rate at which different creative Ankara styles are coming up every minute, I am forced to believe that even by the next century, Ankara will be so normalized that it wouldn’t be regarded as a native wear but a ready-made fabric.

Talking about creative styles for Ankara, the bi-print trend is one style that fascinates me. You know, you can actually combine two different Ankara prints and still make much sense. You can even combine three Ankara prints and slay like never before! If you doubt, check out the works of designers like Lisa Folawiyo and have yourself enthralled.

The good thing about this plethora of Ankara styles emerging every day is that you can easily find them, thanks to the Internet and social media. Remember when you used to buy fashion catalogues just to pick a catchy style for your seamstress? Now, with Instagram or Pinterest and just enough data, you can have as many styles on your phone to inspire your next Ankara dress.

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Nevertheless, I don’t want you to go through that stress, that is why I’ve compiled some beautiful Ankara styles to help you rock your April. Do scroll down and feed your eyes.

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