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Best Influencer-inspired Styles For Your Ankara Prints


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They say Sundays are for native wears, and the Ankara prints is one of these traditional wears. This very special Nigerian material is a trend that will never run out of style. Gone are the days when people associated Ankara with Sundays alone. These days, as a result of the fact that many designers are exploring new designs with Ankara, we now have different outfits all made with Ankara fabrics. There are Ankara tuxedos, tees, jumpsuits, and many other casual wears which can be worn to anywhere. This has made the prints so irresistible such that even foreigners now want to have a feel of Ankara.

Ankara prints
Photo credit: Naija News

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African fashion is attracting new enthusiasts around the globe. Meaning that, African prints, Ankara included, is having a wider reception. What makes our prints so peculiar aside their boldness and vitality, is that unique blend of characteristics often missing in global fashion trends.

With the latest fashionable designs and styles, our prestigious Ankara fabric now has a mix of both western and traditional styles.

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SvelteMag is here to help you move with the trend and stay updated as we show you some creative ways influencers/celebrities wore their Ankara.

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