Paris Fashion Week: Valentino SS19 Doles Out Thrilling Haute Couture

The Valentino haute couture SS19 showcased during Paris Fashion Week was indeed a thrilling one as Naomi Campbell graced the runway leaving the likes of Celine Dion teary-eyed.

One could picture the models who walked for Valentino during the
Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture, all gussied up in the finest most sophisticated pieces as though they were about to go out with their lovers.

Huge ruffles and tiers were not missing as gowns had such broad rims that the models could barely get off the runway without bumping into one another or the limbs of front row guests.

When the exclusive Naomi Campbell sashayed in a ruffled black see-through gown with no bra, she received a tremendous applause as the mind-blowing final pick of the looks left the eminent Celine Dion emotional to the point of tears.

Here’s the full collection below:

Photo credit: Fashion Network UK

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