How to Wear Sneakers with Suits

how to wear sneakers with suit

Some years back pairing suits with sneakers was considered absurd and a total fashion blunder. It was a fashion rule that was not to be broken; attributed to persons perceived to lack style and good dress sense. Well, times have…

What to Wear When the Weather is Hot

What to Wear When the Weather is Hot

Recently, almost everyone has been complaining about feeling so hot. Sometimes I wish we could all go back to the garden of Eden for one second and walk comfortably without clothes. But that’s just some silly imagination that doesn’t solve…

How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

Weaves are very serious investment, especially the expensive ones. And if you know how to revamp your old weaves, they’ll last long. No matter the type of weave you buy or the amount you spend to get them, there is…

How to Measure Your Bra Size

Measure Your Bra Size

Finding your bra size can be pretty much difficult especially because it takes a lot of time and effort. Anyone who has worn a wrong bra size knows full well that it is capable of making you feel uncomfortable and…

What You Should Know about Wigs and Weaves

Wigs and Weaves

Hairs are very precious possessions of humans, especially ladies. Apart from being a natural covering for the women, hairs are aesthetic embellishments. Little wonder many women spend quite a fortune to buy and maintain their wigs and weaves. Hairs are…

10 Crop Tops for Every Fashionista

crop tops

Crop tops are wardrobe staple for women especially the younger generation. They are a perfect head-turner for everybody to achieve that glam look. Although crop tops are often perceived by some older people as indecent, they are really very comfortable… Protection Status