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About Us

SvelteMag is a fashion and beauty magazine focused on showcasing Nigerian fashion to the world. The fashion section of this magazine has several content categories ranging from articles to designers, runway, style tips, models, collections, etc. Through this, we strive to not only keep you, our reader, abreast with the happenings in the world of fashion but also educate you at the same time.

When you read Svelte Magazine, you will learn the best style and beauty tips to help you dress and look better. Browsing through our beauty contents leaves you inspired on the latest makeup trends to follow, the perfect routine to enhance your skin and everything needed to make your hair look good.

You will benefit from our rich content on designers, collections, runway and other fashion events all focused on the African fashion industry. They will enable you to be more familiar with the top fashion icons, designers, stylists, influencers, models, photographers, etc., in Africa while improving on your style.

Also, if you are in the business of fashion, that is, you are a designer, shoemaker, bag maker, accessories maker, hairstylist, makeup artist, skincare expert, model, photographer, blogger, influencer, etc., you can promote yourself and your brand with Svelte Magazine by simply reaching out to us.

Svelte Magazine aims to be the mirror you look into to get a reflection of fashion and style in Africa. With news, articles and other content revolving around the business of fashion, we hope to be the first and last resort of every fashion enthusiast.

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