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Types of Suits for Men

What's the best formal outfit for a man? Suits of course! If you're thinking of the perfect look to that red carpet, dinner, prom or wedding, wear a suit. Suits make a man look classy, refined and sophisticated. They give you a touch of

Types of Headwear for Women

Women's fashion accessories are so numerous. From shoes to bags, jewelry and hats, everything for women are of different types. Hats for women as well as other headwear have become so commonplace that every day, ladies put these headpieces

Celebrity Stylists in Nigeria

Fashion styling in Nigeria has over the years grown into a major arm of the fashion industry. Just as there are fashion designers, models and influencers, there are consultants whose major job is to handle the wardrobe affairs of

Top Fashion Brands in Nigeria

We most definitely are used to mentioning and recognising foreign designer labels when the words 'fashion brand' come to mind, forgetting that there are many Nigerian fashion brands making and doing exploits every passing day. Lagos

Stay-Home Fashion To-do List

With the recent stay-home order going on in the world, many people are becoming bored to death as to what to do while at home. Mind you, stay-home is no death sentence at all; it’s just another best practice to stay-safe as regards the

Native Wears For Nigerian Women

Nigerian women love to look good and that is why they show no hesitation when it comes to dressing up in any fashion. Some days they may decide to put on ready-made apparel; other days they wear native wears made with indigenous fabrics