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Latest Ankara Styles for Men — 33 Looks that’ll Earn You Respect at a Glance

Men love to look good. Men love to dress well. And to achieve this, they either go for casual wears like jeans and tees, try on a suit or perhaps native wears such as senator or the latest Ankara styles for men.

Many times, almost every picture on the latest Ankara styles focuses on women. This makes you wonder if men wear Ankara at all.

man in ankara shirt

Of course! Men wear Ankara. Fashion is for all, you know, and so is the Ankara fabric. Hence, this post will show you the latest Ankara styles for men so you can add to your wardrobe if you haven’t already.

man in a mix and match ankara outfit

If you just got a new fabric probably for a traditional marriage and you’re thinking of the perfect style to take to your tailor, think no further.

Because all you need is in this post.

man wearing ankara trousers

 Therefore, don’t close this page just yet. Keep reading to see the styles that can transform you from a boring man to a dapper Ankara lover.

Jidenna performing while wearing ankara monkey jacket over a white shirt and and matching ankara trousers

However, before we proceed to the latest Ankara styles for men, let’s give you a quick reminder of what the Ankara fabric is all about.

What is Ankara?

man in ankara shirt and shorts

Ankara is one of the African fabrics that are intricately woven with patterns to show forth African history, heritage, tradition and culture. It coexists with other African prints such as Kente, Adire, Dashiki, etc.

man in ankara suit and traditional cap

This fabric is known for its colourful prints that are significant to African culture. Women, back in the day, used it as a means of non-verbal communication. For instance, each specific pattern had a common language with shared meanings. In fact, it is still a mode of visual communication where each pattern symbolises the African identity.

man in ankara mixed native wear

Furthermore, this fabric is unique in its own way. There is no much difference in the color intensity of the front and back sides.

Moreover, manufacturers of this textile usually protect the design while showing the quality of the fabric. They do this by printing the name of the product, the company and the registration number of the design on the selvage.

2 men wearing ankara suits

For this reason, when you wear any of the latest Ankara styles for men, you do two things at once. You show off how tasteful your style is and at the same time promote the African identity.

Latest Ankara Styles for Men

1. Two-piece

man in ankara shirt and shorts carrying bag

This is the commonest Ankara style for men. It usually comprises trousers or shorts and a shirt sewn with this fabric. They are perfect for traditional occasions, office wear and religious gatherings.

man wearing ankara up and down outfit

Also, you can make the shirts of your two-piece tight or loose-fitting, depending on the look you want to pull off.

man in ankara agbada
Timaya wearing ankara agbada

2. Tops

man wearing ankara top and black trousers

You can just sew a shirt or tunic with this fabric and pair with your plain-coloured trousers or jeans. They can either stop at your waist region or extend to your knee, depending on your style. Furthermore, you can go for any length of sleeves too. The same applies when you’re going for a two-piece.

man in short sleeves shirt

Ankara tops give room for versatility as when you wear them with other fabrics, you create a blend of modern and native wear.

Jidenna wearing long sleeves ankara shirt with plain green trousers
man in ankara top

3. Bottoms

man wearing white shirt and ankara trousers

Similarly, you can sew a pair of trousers or shorts with this fabric and pair with a shirt, polo or t-shirt. Just like its tops counterpart, Ankara bottoms help you to be versatile. That is, you can achieve any look from it, be it casual, business casual, smart casual or formal office wear.

Jidenna rocking white T and ankara trousers
Rick Hassani rock a white turtle neck shirt and ankara trousers

3. Mix-and-Match

smiling man in a mix and match ankara long sleeves shirt

To achieve this, you can mix and match this fabric with a plain-coloured one or even another Another fabric. This welcomes creativity and engenders a mixture of colours.

man in a mix and match ankara senator outfit
man wearing mix and match ankara senator
man wearing ankara mix and match shirt and shorts

4. A Touch of Ankara

This is usually done with Afro-urban wears or in situations where your fabric isn’t sufficient. To achieve this, cut a piece of Ankara and attach it to strategic points of your shirts, tees or bottoms. It could be on the pocket, neckline or chest region. This allows you to play around with patterns as you can derive shapes of different kinds from it.

5. Ankara Suits

white man wearing ankara suit with shorts

When you want to go formal in a different way, try on an Ankara suit. It is a blend of westernisation and Afrocentrism. Be it a full suit or a blazer alone, the latest Ankara suits styles are your best bet for looking like a true African boss that you are.

3 men in ankara suits

Your suit doesn’t necessarily have to be the same colour as your trousers. Perhaps, the jacket could be Ankara while the pants of plain colour and vice versa.

man wearing ankara suit with hat

Contrary to antiquated opinion, you can now rock any of the latest Ankara styles for men with any footwear and accessory of your choice. That is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be palms, moccasins or loafers. You can grab on a pair of sneakers with a hat and still look dapper. Thanks to the evolution of style.

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