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24 Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles that’ll Enhance Your Beauty Instantly

When you see your favourite diva rocking braids, don’t you admire how they look? The likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Tiwa Savage, etc., continue to flaunt the richness and beauty in African braids. You should too. And if you are thinking of the one to settle for, how about you try the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles?

Want to know what’s unique about this hairdo?

How about you stay with us as we show you what you need to know about the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles?

Shall we?


What is Ghana Weaving?

pretty lady wearing fishbone braids and makeup

Ghana weaving is a type of cornrows hairstyle that involves feeding in braids to make them longer and fuller. To achieve this hairdo, each braid begins small and soft. Progressively, it becomes much thicker and fuller in the middle with the addition of hair extensions until it tapers off at the ends.

If you don’t call this hairdo Ghana weaving, you can call it Ghana braids, banana braids or fishbone braids.

lady wearing updo banana braids

Ghana braids can be done in an updo or straight back fashion. That is, you can make your traditional straight back cornrows as Ghana braids or do it as shuku.

However, the major difference between this coiffure and other cornrows is how the hair extension is fed into each braid to make it longer and fuller. When this is done, it looks like there are rings adorning the braids.

Origin of Ghana Braids

lady wearing complicated design fishbone braids

From the name, you can tell this hairstyle originates from Africa. Fishbone braids first appeared in hieroglyphics and sculptures carved around 500 BC. This served as proof that Africans did pay attention to their hair centuries ago.

Moreover, this hairdo appeared again during slave trade. Then, enslaved Africans wore this style not only as a way to keep their hair tidy but also as a way to express their black identity.

Benefits of Wearing Ghana Braids

2 ladies rocking gold weave banana braids

Besides the beauty benefit of this coiffure, it also requires low maintenance. To be specific, they don’t stress you at all when it comes to maintaining them.

 You don’t have to brush it to maintain waves or curls; you don’t have to straighten or use any heat tool as opposed to human hair weaves.

 All you have to do is to rock this hairstyle during the day and when it’s bedtime, put on your satin hair bonnet or scarf so you can preserve the style.

Disadvantages of Ghana Weaving

fair lady rocking updo banana braids

Regardless of the benefits of Ghana braids, it is worthy of note that there are some cons it comes with.

For example, you can’t wear this hairdo for as long as you want because it’ll end up looking rough within two to three weeks. Wearing it longer will be to the detriment of your hair.

Furthermore, you may feel pains when installing this hairstyle. This is because your hairstylist will have to pick your hair strands tightly as they feed in the braids with your extensions. In addition, if the braids are too tight, you will lose your hair.

lady with beautiful make up on fishbone braids

However, you can protect your hairline by asking your hairstylist not to pick your edges but rather create a brush effect which you can style with edge control.

What You Need to Do the Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles

smiling lady wearing gold extension banana braids

Like every other African braids, you need hair extensions to achieve this style. You can get your extensions from brands such as Darling hair, Expression, Kanekalon, Lush, etc. Just make sure you buy enough extensions that’ll suffice your hairstyle and not leave you stranded.

Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles

lady rocking brown fishbone braids

The latest Ghana weaving hairstyles are very much versatile. They can be done in any length of your choice. If you want it very thick yet scanty on your head, you can have it. If you want the many braids on your head, you also can have them.

You just have to decide on the length and density you want and tell your hairstylist. This way, they’ll know how to section your natural hair and cut the extension to achieve the style.

black lady wearing long black banana braids

If you want to make your braids more beautiful, adorn them with hair accessories. Is it beads or cowrie shells you like? Or perhaps you think gold cuffs and headband will do the magic? Whatever your choice is, make sure it suits you and enhances your beauty.

Above all, when installing this hairdo, ensure that your stylist doesn’t braid it too tight. If they do, be prepared to suffer the consequences or use any of our recommended tips on how to relieve pains from tight braids.

Below are the latest Ghana braids you can wear now and always.

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