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24 Senator Styles for Men to Look Charming Every Season

Women love it when their men look well-groomed, classic and stylish. There’s this aura of completeness that revolve around men who pay attention to their looks. And now that the festive season is here, have you got any plans to look dapper to every event? If you haven’t, make your choice from these latest senator styles for men and get started right away.

Why You Should Wear the Senator Styles for Men Every Season

father and son in matching senator

Imagine you had a get-together anytime; perhaps a family reunion or a party in the office. Everyone in attendance would want to make a statement with their outfits. You may not agree, but that’s true.

This statement could be that they are doing just fine in life. In fact, that’s the first statement people make with their outfits.

man in light blue senator

Picture yourself arriving the get-together and you see the men in attendance looking so suave while the women, as usual, look their best. If you aren’t well dressed for the outing, do you think you’ll feel pleased with yourself? You may not even feel confident enough to chit-chat with the women around and perhaps, connect with one of them afterwards.

That’s uncool.

man in navy blue senator

The first thing that attracts anyone to another is their looks. And if you don’t pay attention to yours, nobody will pay attention to you. To help you pay attention to your looks every season, we’ve curated the latest senator styles for men.

man wearing senator

Once you don any of these styles, you’ll be looking so hot and suave. Even if your bank account isn’t looking as good as you, no one will know unless you tell them. In fact, those who see you may even call you “Ebuka” to show that you look as stylish as he is.

And when that happens, don’t forget to give us the style credits, you know. But if you don’t, we won’t stop helping you dress better still.

Your personal style improvement is our aim, remember?

man wearing a white senator style for men

Therefore, if you are as psyched as I am to see the latest senator styles for men to look charming every season, read on.

They are all right here.

But first, let’s talk about the senator wear.

What is the Senator Wear?

man wearing white and blue mixed senator for men

Senator is a two-piece ensemble that consists of a long shirt that almost touches the knees. Initially, the outfit was peculiar to Igbo and Niger-Delta people of Nigeria alone. However, ever since former Nigerian senate president Anyim Pius Anyim (2000-2003) made this outfit popular, it has become one of the top native wear for Nigerian men.

Back then during Obasanjo’s tenure, Anyim usually graced almost every occasion with this outfit such that it became a part of his identity.  Little wonder the garment earned the name ‘Senator’.

Senator bears much semblance to the Igbo traditional attire, Isi Agu, but unlike that of the Igbos, senators are made with plain suit fabrics of any desirable colour.

Senator Styles for Men to Help You Look Good this Christmas

1. Mix and Match

man wearing white senator lined at the sides with blue and yellow

You can sew your senator with different fabrics. You just have to ensure the colours you’re working with complement each other. Mixing and matching fabrics for your senator is a good way to explore while looking standout.

man wearing senator for men mixed with other fabrics

It is also a good option if you don’t want to decorate your attire with embroidery. You simply use one of the combined fabrics to decorate the main material and presto! You’re good to go.

man wearing a black senator mixed with other colors

Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be two colour palettes. You can even use up to three or four different colours of fabrics to create your attire. This way, you don’t just look suave, you look colourful too.

2. Sleeve Length

man wearing navy blue short sleeves senator style for men

The sleeves of the latest senator styles for men you pick may have any length depending on your choice. It could be short or long sleeves. So long as you are comfortable in what you wear, the length of the sleeves doesn’t matter. Neither does it reduce the beauty of your outfit.

man wearing long sleeves senator for men
smiling man wearing short sleeves senator for men

3. Shirt Length

man wearing white knee-length senator

Similarly, you can make your shirt any length you want. If you want it to graze your knee, go for it. If you want it to go below your knee, do that. If you want it to slightly cover your hips or stop right at the hips, just go for it. There are no rules to these things.

man wearing white waist-length senator
man wearing hip-length senator

4. Embroidery

Sunny Nneji wearing white embroidered senator for men

These senator styles for men will look more stylish if you decorate them with embroidery. Your embroidery can be ornate or mild, depending on your choice. Do you want it to adorn your chest or neck region? Whichever one you choose, embroidery makes a piece look more beautiful. You just have to get creative so you can achieve beautiful designs with it.

smiling man in senator standing with a smiling woman
man wearing a heavily embroidered senator for men

5. Senator with Extra Details

man wearing senator with an appendage dangling in front

This is one way to add a statement feature to your attire and make you stand out. Your extra details could be with a fabric of another colour or the same fabric if you want. Adding details such as godet, drape or attachments to clothes are cool and they bring some attention to you.

smiling man wearing senator with extra detail
man wearing pink senator

Now that you’ve seen the senator styles for men to rock every season, which of them have you decided to don? You need to look charming for yourself and your woman every time. If you don’t have a woman, just wear any of these styles and we guarantee that you’ll have one in no time

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