Top 11 Beautiful Hairstyles to Rock this Christmas Season

It’s another Yuletide season. Isn’t it already smelling in the air? Or the many dramas that came with 2020 has made you unreceptive to the redolence of Christmas. Whichever way, you need not forget to see this month as the break we need to let off steam. You need some time off all the hassles and hurdles we experienced since January 1st. Be it a vacation, baecation or a staycation you have in mind, you need to look your very best. And you can with these beautiful hairstyles to rock this Christmas season.

Christmastime comes with so much frenzy. And the worst is, there’s always a hike in the price of goods probably because this is a rush-hour period. If you’ve been contemplating the right hairdo to make you look more beautiful this yuletide, you just got a big break. Because right on your screen are eleven beautiful hairstyles to rock this Christmas season.

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Best 11 Hairstyles to Rock this Christmas Season

These hairstyles will not only enhance your beauty. They’ll also go a long way in boosting your reputation too. Because when people see you rocking any of these styles, they’ll know how much of an organised, stylish lady you are.

Moreover, be sure to save this page. So, when you call at the salon, you won’t have to start rummaging your phone for the perfect coiffure.

1. Bone Straight

lady wearing red bone straight hair

This particular one is currently in vogue. It’s a sure way for you to make a statement and get some attention with your hair this Christmastide. It evokes class and style even at a glance.

Bone straight is a type of straight hair that is thin, sleek and scanty. This type of hair is raw and its strands are firm and well knotted from the weft to the bottom.

Furthermore, this hair won’t give you any stress at all. It’s sleek and it requires little or no styling. In fact, it is an investment on its own.

2. Shuku

lady wearing shuku hair for Christmas

If you’ve been thinking about braiding your hair into cornrows in an updo fashion, shuku is the right hairdo for you. This style involves braiding the hair to create a hump on top of the head. Any of the latest shuku hairstyles are beautiful enough to make you a showstopper. Just get a good hair extension so you can use it to do this style.

beautiful lady rocking shuku hairstyle
Lady rocking shuku hair as Christmas hair

3. Cornrow Braids

lady rocking beautiful cornrows

If you want to look simple yet elegant, go for this hairdo. Cornrow braids involve braiding the hair very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to make a continuous row.

pretty lady rocking cornrows with beads

This style is often done in simple, straight lines, just as the name implies. Regardless of that, you can still style them beautifully and embellish them with hair accessories too. Furthermore, you can give yours a centre part, side part or whichever tweak you like.

Beautiful lady wearing cornrow as Christmas hair

4. Ponytail

Victoria wearing ponytail hairstyle and smiling

This is one of the hairstyles of this Christmas season. Ponytail styles are cute. They frame your face and promote its features. If you’re in the forehead gang and you’re proud of it, this hairstyle can flaunt your forehead for you.

beautiful lady rocking ponytail as Christmas hair

It’s a hairstyle in which some, most of or all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face. The hair is then gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, clip, or a band. This way, the hair hangs freely at the back just like the tail of a pony.

side view of a lady rocking ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles give you simplicity and comfort at a go. They are multipurpose too as you can rock them to work, parties, your graduation or even your wedding.

Furthermore, you can achieve this hairstyle with a good human hair weave of any hair extension. You can even wear your shuku as a ponytail.

5. Ghana Weaving

beautiful lady wearing Ghana weaving

This is also among the beautiful hairstyles to rock this Christmas season. It is a great choice for highlighting your facial features. It’s a versatile hairstyle that comes with noticeable details too.

Lady wearing Ghana weaving for Christmas

 Ghana weaving can be made into cornrows, shuku, double buns, two-step or any other style you feel like achieving. What you need is a good extension, and of course, the patience and endurance to sit down for a while.

pretty lady wearing Ghana weaving

6. Senegalese Twists

pretty lady rocking tiny Senegalese twists for Christmas

If you’re in the natural hair gang and you want a protective hairstyle to rock this yuletide, want no further. Senegalese twist is here for you.

beautiful lady wearing Senegalese twists

This is one of the hairstyles to rock this Christmas season. It requires two strands of hair, or extensions as the case may be, wrapped around each other for each section. When done, your hair looks like a rope.

lady wearing big Senegales twists

 Twists are beautiful, easy to maintain and of course, easy to loosen when the time comes. You can achieve them with your natural hair or with a good hair extension.

7. Pixie Cut

pretty lady wearing black pixie cut for Christmas

Remember that pixie you read about in fairytales when you were a child? This hair takes its name from those creatures.

lady rocking black pixie cut

This is a short hairstyle that is short at the back and the sides of the head. However, the top of this style is longer than the back and sides. Plus, it has very short bangs.

lady rocking blonde pixie cut

It’s a short hair. And that means there’s no stress at all. You don’t have to worry about tangles or having to brush your hair thoroughly every day. This style is comfy and keeps you on the go.

Also, since pixie cut is a mild coiffure, it gives you room to try out bold makeup choices, statement earrings and even menswear-inspired outfits.

8. Box Braids

beautiful lady wearing box braids

Need a hairstyle that’ll give your hair “breathing space” to grow well? Try box braids. They are beautiful, sleek and worth wearing.

lady wearing box braids Christmas hair

This style consist of square-shaped divisions, little wonder the name “box braids”. It is a protective hairstyle too. This is because there’s no thermal heat on the hair that will hinder your hair from growing.

lady wearing box braids

You just have to be ready to sit down for a while so your stylist can achieve this style.

9. Yarn Braids

Thinking of the perfect hairstyle to give you a different look? Have you tried yarn braids yet? They aren’t just beautiful but are also bold, chic, versatile and do not cost much to maintain.

Yarn braids are protective styles made from thread which you can add to your hair. As a protective hairdo, it retains moisture in your hair and protects it from damage.

Furthermore, yarn comes in different colours and this offers a wide array of options to enhance your beauty. You can garnish up your yarn braids with charms, beads, rings and other hair accessories.

Lady rocking green yarn braids for Christmas

And you can also wear them in any length you choose. You just have to be watchful about the build-up that will occur at the base of some braids. By so doing, there’s no difficulty when it’s time to loosen.

10. Crochet

beautiful lady rocking crotchet hair for Christmas

If you don’t want to sit for long to achieve some of these hairstyles, try crocheting them. This way, you’re done as soon as possible and comfortable still.

smiling lady wearing crotchet as Christmas hair

Crochet braids involve crocheting hair extensions to your natural hair with a latch hook or crochet hook. They are a combination of traditional braids, twists, faux locs, etc. They are also a great choice if you don’t like to spend so much time in the salon. Plus, they are beautiful too and that’s why they are among the hairstyles to rock this Christmas season.

lady wearing crotchet

11. Low Cut

lady wearing low cut for Chistmas

Need a hairstyle that’ll allow your scalp breathe better than before? A style that welcomes bold accessories and makeup options? A style that lets the world know how beautiful you are with or without any hair extension? It’s the low cut then.

lady wearing low cut hair dyed blond

Not many women are bold to go on low cut. But if you can, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with rocking this hairdo. It’s super comfortable and if you get bored of your natural hair colour, you can dye it to achieve a bolder look.

Apart from the fact that these hairstyles to rock this Christmas season are beautiful, they can also be made into wigs for your convenience. So, you just slip them on when heading out and take them off as you return.

However, when in the process of installing these styles, be careful not to let your hairstylist stress your edges. This way, you don’t become a victim of traction alopecia and have a receding hairline eventually.

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