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Hair Tips on How to Hide a Receding Hairline

Ever looked at your edges and wondered what you did to them that made them turn bald? Ever noticed that your hairline was thinning even while still young? That’s not some good news at all. I mean, losing the hair around your hairline is not what anyone prays to experience. However, if this is your predicament, here are tips on how to hide a receding hairline.

What is a Receding Hairline?

Thinning hair occurs when you experience hair loss around your edges or hairline. For men, your hair doesn’t begin from its hairline; it moves inward, leaving an obvious vacuum. In the same vein, for ladies, most times, you lose a part of the hair surrounding your edges. This makes you look like something pulled it off the root.

 Well, something indeed pulled it off the root. And before we check out how to hide a receding hairline, let’s see what causes it in the first place.

Causes of Receding Hairline

woman braiding her hair
Tight braiding can damage the edges and cause hair loss in the area

Hair loss around your edges doesn’t occur just like that. A lot of things conspire to make it happen. These things aren’t far-fetched at all. They are very much familiar. Therefore, you should go through them and see if you can make amendments to the ones that are reparable.

1. Heredity

You may be experiencing baldness as a result of your genetics. Who knows, your paternal or maternal family line have this in common. And you were “lucky” they gifted it to you. This is a common problem among men.

To illustrate, some men develop a thinning hairline from 35 years upwards. While even younger, some already see the signs that it is waiting for them in the future. If this is your case, you can’t run away from it. But the tips on how to hide receding hairline will surely help you live with it.

2. Stress, Poor Diet and Other Health Factors

Stress can take a toll on you and the next thing you notice is that your edges are gone. Apart from this, if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, you may experience stuff like telogen effluvium— a condition that causes the shedding of your hair. Hence, shall you pay attention to your health, eat and rest well henceforth?

3. Rough Handling

Many women are guilty of this especially when they add extensions to their hair. Rough handling from the different hairstyles you do can have a negative impact on your hair. This negative impact is traction alopecia. This condition occurs when you always pull out your hair without pity.

For instance, tight braiding, cornrows and even the ones you do while installing weaves on your hair, may be beautiful. However, how do you do them?

 Does your hairstylist pick your baby hair ruthlessly without considering the fact that your edges are very delicate? Do they almost pull off your hair from its follicle? Do you feel pains while they touch your edges? If yes, then you’ve been handling your hair roughly.

4. Hair Breakage from Styling Equipment Overuse

When you overuse styling equipment on your hair, your hair breaks. And in the long run, the result is hair loss.

Simply having a good hair care routine to take care of your hair when it breaks can help you avert thinning. However, if you think that your hair loss has nothing to do with your use of styling tools, you can visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

How to Hide Receding Hairline

head shot of a man wearing bright green colored hair with earring, backing the camera
You can hide receding hairline by dyeing your hair

Hair loss is not something to experience at all. If your hairline is receding or you’ve lost much hair around your edges, check out these tips on how to hide receding hairline

1. Eat Your Way to Hair Growth

The best way to hide a receding hairline is for your hair to grow back. To achieve this, you have to feed your hair. You can eat the foods for hair growth such as eggs, beans, avocado, carrot, sweet potatoes, berries, spinach, breakfast cereals, liver, apricots, bananas, fatty fish, etc. Your hair needs food rich in protein, B vitamins, iron and zinc to grow well.

2. Colour Your Hair

Another tip on how to hide a receding hairline or hair loss around the edges is to colour your hair. When you dye your hair to a colour, it makes your thinning hairline less visible.

To achieve this, use a slightly darker shade of colour on your scalp region and a shade lighter on your remaining hair. This helps to create the illusion of a thicker hair while concealing balding spots.

However, if you don’t like the idea of tinting your hair, this option isn’t for you.

3. Go For a Hair Loss Treatment

Don’t just sit like that lamenting about your edges. Make a move to try a hair loss treatment on your hair. There are many scalp treatments to spur hair growth. You can as well apply any of the natural oils for hair growth. Just pick any of these treatments and get started so you can hide your scanty edges by growing your hair back.

4. Get a Haircut

This is ironic, right? You’re suffering from hair loss and we’re asking you to get a haircut. How insensitive!

Hold on a second. That’s not insensitivity at all. A haircut can help you hide balding spots without making it obvious to the prying eyes of people.

Sometimes, letting your hair grow out can weaken the rest of your hair. This may even end up giving more attention to your thinning areas.

Hence, one good thing to do is to give your hair a break by cutting or trimming it. This will not only hide bald spots but will also add more volume to your hair eventually.

5. Protect Your Hair At All Cost

Avoid any hairstyle that is beautiful at the expense of your hair. Shun those tight braids that requires picking every strand of hair around your hairline. Is it even worth it at all? You know that while loosening the hair, you’ll also lose your natural hair in the process. So why sacrifice the health of your hair for a fleeting, beautiful coiffure.

Furthermore, avoid hair care products that contain harsh chemicals like sulfate. They make your hair dry, thus leading to breakage.

Moreover, you can as well have a hair transplant if your condition is really critical and you can afford it. Hair loss around the hairline or anywhere isn’t something anyone likes to experience. And since prevention will always be better than cure, you can still follow these tips on how to hide a receding hairline to prevent it.

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