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Protecting Your Edges

Edges, also known as baby hair, are those soft and delicate hairs that grow along your hairline. Edges do not only fill up the hairline, but they also beautify the face. They are very fragile and easily get broken or pulled out. Hence, the need protecting your edges otherwise you may be left with no baby hair to add more spice to your hairdo.

Here are five tips you can adapt to protecting your edges:

1. Leave your edges:

Leave your edges
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This is the most important of all tips. You cannot expect your edges to stay safe or grow well when you keep picking or pulling them every time you have your hair done. If you don’t pull that baby hair, your coiffure will even look better. When next you are having your hairdo, tell the stylists not to touch your edges. That way you can be protecting your edges.

Leaving your edges also means taking a break from having your hairdo if you are the type that loves changing hairstyles every week. If you love wearing extensions, try taking a break from them for some weeks otherwise, you’d be stressing your edges.

2. Say no to pulling edges:

Say no to pulling edges
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Many hairstylists love picking edges whenever they are at work and this is very harmful to the growth of the hair around your hairline. Whenever you are in the salon and this happens to you, speak up. Remember you are paying for the service so if you keep quiet and allow him/her to do whatever he/she likes with your hair, it is at your own detriment.

3. Wrap your edges at night with a silk scarf:

Wrap your edges at night with a silk scarf
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When doing this, you tie the scarf on your forehead instead of tying it directly on the edges.  Cotton scarves are cool but when it comes to matters of the hair, it soaks oil and moisture out of the hair, leaving it dry. A silk scarf does not absorb moisture and whenever you wear a silk scarf, tie the knot at the back. This helps in protecting your edges.

4. Use natural oils to massage your edges:

Use natural oils to massage your edges:
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Do this to keep your hair moisturized at all times. Natural oil also boosts hair growth. When you massage your scalp, it promotes hair growth. An example of natural oil is castor oil.

5. Be wary of headbands and hats:

Be wary of headbands and hats
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If you want to use a headband, use one with silk lining or preferably, tie a thin satin scarf on your hair before wearing the hat. Satin/silk protects the edges from breaking.

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