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The 5-Step Wardrobe Detox Guide

How to carry out wardrobe detox

They say a lady never has anything to wear anytime she’s got an occasion because her wardrobe is full of clothes, shoes and many other things that take her time to sail through before finding the perfect outfit. This is…

DIY: Perfect Scrub For Soft and Plump Lips

Perfect Scrub For Soft and Plump Lips

Ever wondered how some of your favourite celebrities or makeup artists have some of the most beautiful looking soft and plump lips? Ever wondered how they got their lips looking all glammed up even before applying lipsticks? Well, if you…

How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

Weaves are very serious investment, especially the expensive ones. And if you know how to revamp your old weaves, they’ll last long. No matter the type of weave you buy or the amount you spend to get them, there is…

5 Ways To Make Your Natural Hair Softer

Natural Hair Softer

As much as natural hair has its beautiful, full and luscious look out on display, sometimes its texture is a bit of a struggle for naturalistas to maintain. Most of us naturalists want our hair softer and smoother for easy…

Protecting Your Edges

Protecting Your Edges
Edges, also known as baby hair, are those soft and delicate hairs that grow along your hairline. Edges do not only fill up the hairline, but they also beautify the face. They are very fragile and easily gets broken or pulled out. Hence, they need to be protected otherwise you may be left with no baby hair to add more spice to your hairdo.
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