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5 Ways To Make Your Natural Hair Softer

As much as natural hair has its beautiful, full and luscious look out on display, sometimes its texture is a bit of a struggle for naturalistas to maintain. Most of us naturalists want our hair softer and smoother for easy styling and maintenance. So in this article, we took out time to thoroughly research and conclude on 5 major effective solutions to make your natural hair softer, smoother and a less stubborn halo for days to come.

Natural Hair Softer


This process always ensures that your hair is adequately hydrated. Be sure to eat healthily and drink lots of water as this would also affect how hydrated your hair would be in the long run. Sitting under a steamer can also hydrate your hair. The heat from the steamer would open up your cuticles and allow water to penetrate your hair, thereby making your natural hair softer.


Always use a moisturizing shampoo to make your natural hair softer. If you’re the type that shampoos very frequently, we advise that you always follow it up with a conditioner. If not, it’s best you make it a once-in-a-while affair. Avoid products that contain sulphates as an ingredient. It can strip your hair of moisture and leave it hard and stubborn. Rinse your hair with lukewarm or cool water when done with conditioning. The cool water will help straighten your hair follicle, leaving it smoother and automatically softer.


Follow shampooing your hair up with a moisturizing deep conditioner to further moisturize it. The moisture retains your hair’s elasticity, without which, it would feel dry, look dull and defenseless against breakage. Conditioners coat your hair with softening ingredients.  It also ensures rapid growth and a glossy look. Apply the conditioner generously to coat each strand of your hair. This will be more effective if your hair is open; if you have braids, undo them first for your best results.

Always heat the conditioner and leave it on your hair for at least 30 minutes. The more the heat, the more conditioner is deposited on the hair and the softer it becomes. This is why your hairdresser wraps your hair in a towel or a shower cap and makes you sit under the dryer. Conditioners smooth down the hair cuticles, preventing tangles and making the hair look shiny. They also temporarily repair hair shaft, reduce frizz and, of course, make your natural hair softer.

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Deep conditioning:

Regular deep-conditioning is important for both moisture and protein. Deep conditioners are different from regular conditioners as they have a higher concentration of ingredients that penetrate into the hair cortex, making them more nourishing. They require a longer time on the hair to be effective, 10-15 minutes compared to 3-5 minutes of regular conditioner. Very important for making your natural hair softer.

Seal conditioner:

Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, add a water-based leave-in conditioner. Use it on slightly damp hair immediately after washing. Seal in the moisture with a natural oil like almond, jojoba, or a Shea butter. Oils and butter help retain moisture in your hair. This makes your work and efforts pay off. Use the leave-in conditioner sparingly to allow your strands to move past each other and not be sticky.

Natural Hair Softer

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When done with all these, make sure you put in some protein into your hair to keep your follicles soft and to help them stay that way.

Natural Hair Softer

Apply these tips and tell us just how soft, smooth and malleable your natural hair becomes! Good luck!


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