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60 Wedding Hairstyles to Glam Up Every Bride

You only wed once. That’s the bittersweet truth that motivates every bride to ensure she makes the most of her wedding. You shouldn’t be an exception. Your makeup, skin, dresses, wedding hairstyles, and everything you wear on the day you say “I do” should be on fleek.

It’s not only the day you and your better half profess your love for each other in the midst of family and friends. It’s also that special day of your life where all eyes will be on you as you exchange marital vows.

Now, you need to give your guests a good reason to keep their eyes fixed on you. You need to look beautiful from head to toe. And that goes without saying that it begins with your coiffure.

As a bride, if you wear the most expensive dress but fail to groom your hair properly, your investment in that dress will be in vain. 

But I know you don’t want that to be your lot. That’s why you’re here in the first place. 

And there’s good news: Svelte Magazine wants to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams— whether it’s a traditional wedding, court, or a white wedding.

If you keep reading, you’ll find in this post the best wedding hairstyles that if you wear on your day and take pictures, your posterity and every other bride would want to recreate.

Let’s dive in.

What Wedding Hairstyles Mean to Black Brides?

beautiful bride wearing nice hairstyle

Black women are unique. You can tell that from the texture of our hair. While we may not have the long, sleek, and soft hair of other races, ours is a versatile kind. That’s why we have a myriad of coiffures for different occasions.

It’s beyond looking beautiful on that special day. A black woman sees her hair as something she can always use to beautify herself, exude class, and make a style statement. And that’s why, we don’t hesitate to invest in any coiffure, be it natural hairstyles, low cut, dreadlocks, attachment hairstyles, human hair, or any African braid.

If we do that on a regular day, how much more on a day that means so much to us? Think about it and see why you should stay motivated to see these bridal coiffures. 

Calabar bride hairstle

Once you wear any of them, you’ll ooze sophistication and elegance on your day as you walk down the aisle

Most of the time, it’s your hairdo that’ll tell people you are the bride. But sadly, deciding on the perfect bridal hairstyle doesn’t always come easily. There are so many options to choose from and that alone can get you indecisive. That’s why we curated the best coiffures for brides in this piece for you.

So, are your traditional or white wedding bells ringing already? Choose from any of these styles and smile your way through as you achieve another great milestone in your life.

Introduction/Engagement Wedding Hairstyles

bride with a beautiful hairstyle at her introduction event

Before a Nigerian bride says “I DO”, her man, in the company of his family members, comes to meet her parents. On this day, he gets the marriage list as the case may be and their relationship becomes more official than it was. 

If your introduction is coming up, see it as a mini wedding day. You have to look great from head to toe as that may be the first official event you’ll have with your in-laws.

So, go for a hairstyle that complements your face. There’s a high chance you’ll be blushing different shades on that day as your parents ask you if the guy in front of them is the one you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

Don’t wear a coiffure that comes with a lot of inconveniences. For instance, avoid anything you’ll have to keep taking off your face every minute. You want your in-laws to see their new daughter clearly, don’t you?

If you’re going for braids or weaves, pack it into an updo so no strand falls on your face and smears your makeup. You can as well go for a pixie cut hairdo or a bob weave. But if you want a long weave, use accessories to ensure the hair stays behind. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear a free-flowing hairstyle and further frame your face.

Furthermore, you can as well wear any of the headwear for women. And if you’re a naturalista and would love to stick to your gang on this day, check our style guide on natural hairstyles to make your choice. 

Traditional Wedding Hairstyles

bride at a traditional wedding

In Nigeria, the traditional bridal hairstyles depend on your tribe. But what they all have in common is the fact that they use hair accessories to adorn their bridal hairstyles. This could be beads, combs, or headwear, as the case may be.

1. Yoruba Brides

Yoruba bride set for her traditional marriage

 If you’re Yoruba, you’ll tie a gele, and well-wishers won’t see what you have underneath. Hence, your focus should be on the gele styles you choose to rock on your day.

smiling Yoruba bride

To ensure you don’t settle for something less, go through our catalog of gele styles. Be prepared to use your screenshot button because you’ll like what you’ll see.

Nonetheless, get inspired by these Yoruba bridal hairstyles.

2. Igbo, Delta, Edo Brides

pretty Igbo bride in bantu hairstyle

For Igbo, Delta, and Edo Nigerian brides, since you’ll wear beads on your hair, your hairstyle has to be in an updo fashion for the beads to serve as the statement piece that they are. Your hairstylist will weave your hair into chunky cornrows, buns, Bantu knots, ponytail, or any manipulation that’ll allow your beads to sit pretty like a crown on your hair.

3. Efik Brides

Chubby Calabar bride

Efik brides are also unique. If you’re an Efik bride, after doing your hair, you’ll attach brass combs (known as Edisad Awan Ndo in Efik) and crown (Etinehe) to accessorize your hair. And if you don’t wanna do your hair, you can simply weave it into cornrows and wear the Efik bridal wig.

It’s the signature look of every Efik bride especially when you wear your Oyoyono and Ofon Ukot Awan.

Therefore, your hairdo should be dense and long. It should go all the way to the back to accommodate the combs and the crown you’d wear. But if you don’t want that, an updo would still work with your crown.

You can as well drop some knots in front and adorn them with brass combs too.

Check below for inspiration.

4. Hausa and Fulani Brides

Hausa bride

Hausa brides also wear beads to adorn their wedding hairstyles which are mostly braids or cornrows. Some wear veils and gele too. If you’re a Hausa or Fulani bride, let these wedding hairstyles inspire you.

White Wedding Hairstyles Brides

modern bride wearing perm hairstyle

When your wedding bells start ringing, excitement and stress come knocking. Inasmuch as it is a beautiful experience for every woman, wedding preparations can be very tiring. 

Even the most minute thing as choosing a bridal hairstyle is not as easy as it seems.

For instance, there’s half-up half-down, bejeweled hairdo, ponytail, high bun, avant-garde hairstyles, etc. You can as well go for coiffures that fall in a graceful cascade.

For most white weddings, weaves come to the rescue. But this doesn’t mean you can’t go out of the norm by rocking braids, dreads, low cut, or even Brazilian wool on your wedding day.

To make it easy for yourself, choose from our best pick for your upcoming white wedding:

Court Wedding Hairstyles

bride wearing natural hairstyle

Just because a civil wedding is small and intimate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to look elegant and turn heads.

You need to effuse sophistication and that begins with your hairstyle. Go for hairstyles that stay away from your face. Whether you’re wearing braids or weaves, you can use accessories to take them all up or to the back.

Remember, you’ll have some documents to sign while in court. Your hair shouldn’t be the distraction that’ll keep you flipping instead of signing. If that happens, your groom may think you’re dilly-dallying, you know.

Regardless of the hairstyle you settle for, one thing remains true: your accessories. They’ll set you apart from the crowd and let your guests know that you’re the bride. 

So, get the beads, tiara, hairpieces, cowries, combs,  gold cuffs, etc. You’ve got many days on earth but only one is your wedding day. Do all it takes to look alluring as you enjoy the moment with your groom.

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