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Statement Pieces: Easiest Ways to Command Attention With Your Outfit

Would you like to be the cynosure of all eyes? Would you like to stand out whenever you turn up in grand style? Also, would you like to win admiration and get people to take a photo of you so you can serve as their style inspo? If you answered yes to those questions, then you’ll most definitely need to add statement pieces to your wardrobe.

In this post, I’ll tell you exactly what statement pieces are. I’ll also show you how to rock them so you don’t get noticed for the wrong reasons.

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What is a Statement Piece in Fashion?

lady wearing statement dress by Ria Kosher

A statement piece is an eye-catching wardrobe essential every fashionista needs to have to make a fashion statement. Statement pieces make you stand out and make the details of your outfit more pronounced.

Regardless of their colour, statement pieces are always bold and unique. They are the first thing people notice about your outfit.

Are Statement Pieces Weird Fashion?

lady wearing bright colored outfit

No. These pieces aren’t weird at all. They are only loud and bold enough to speak volumes about you, draw some attention to you and possibly announce your presence in any gathering. These pieces don’t have to constitute weird details that make people wonder which planet you came from. They instead get you some admiration.

How Do Statement Pieces Make Fashion Statements?

Guy stepping out in a statement outfit with face mask

The “statement” in the name of these wardrobe pieces isn’t just for fancy. Because they actually make a statement. That is, they say a lot about you, the wearer, and what you stand for in fashion. In essence, these pieces express your thoughts, your style and your personality.

Why Wear Statement Pieces

lady wearing statement clothing

These eye-catching wardrobe pieces come with benefits. And if you neither wear them nor have one in your wardrobe, you’re missing a whole fashion fun. Below are the benefits of these wardrobe essentials:

1. They Help You Leave Your Comfort Zone

You know, stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to do with your financial life or career alone. Fashion is as well included. If you’ve got a minimalist style, once in a while, it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone by wearing pieces that make you stand out instantly. You can do this with a statement piece and still maintain your minimalism.

2. They Give You an Admirable Personality

Imagine stepping into a vicinity and it is as though all eyes are doting on you. Some even walk up to you to compliment your looks.

That’s what these pieces do. They make you, all of a sudden, the one with the personality no one can resist interacting with.

3. They Make You Stand Out

In an occasion teeming with people, you deserve to stand out. You deserve to get noticed without flexing a muscle. And you can do this by donning an outfit that helps you make a fashion statement.

4. They Boost Your Self-esteem

Among Marslow’s hierarchy of need is self-esteem. And this includes the desire to get recognition and respect from others. When you wear an eye-catching outfit, you win admiration and get compliments that massage your self-esteem. This way, you meet that human need that requires you to feel important and recognised.

5. They Make Dressing Up Easy

With these essentials, you don’t have to get worked up about what to wear. You can wear the most basic clothing and still appear standout. They do the job for you.

Types of Statement Pieces

1. Statement Clothing

lady wearing interesting clothes

These are pants, blazers, coats, skirts or dresses with standout details. The details could be extremely flared legs, bold colour combination, puffy sleeves, a big bow or any other thing added to the cloth to make it stand out. It could even be the fabric, for instance, faux fur.

smiling man wearing a statement shirt
lady wearing a pink statement overcoat

2. Statement Shoes

lady wearing attention-grabbing heels

Mismatched shoes, multicoloured sneakers and really high heels fall into this category.

multi colored canvas
statement heels

3. Statement Accessories

lady wearing yellow statement necklace

This includes bags, scarves, hats, statement earrings, necklaces, bangles and other jewelry that grab attention and help you make a fashion statement.

lady wearing black jewelry
wearing red dangling earrings
lady wearing statement hat

Tips on How to Rock Statement Pieces

Guy wearing a statement blue shirt

1. Keep Other Pieces Moderate

When rocking eye-catching outfits, you have to ensure other components of your look are minimal. For instance if your statement piece is a wide-brimmed hat, tone down your dresses and accessories so the hat can be more pronounced. If it’s statement jewelry, don’t wear a top that’ll clash with it.

The same applies to your makeup. Unless your makeup is what is making a fashion statement for you, let it be muted so your statement piece can own the stage. That is, don’t wear bold lipstick colours lest it should clash with that piece that’s supposed to gain attention.

In addition, you should check your colours and patterns too. Garish colours and patterns will ruin your look. Avoid them when wearing a statement piece. They’ll only give you the wrong attention.

2. Wear One At a Time

Resist the urge to wear multiple statement pieces at a time. You’ll only wind up looking like a baggage of noise. Pick one and use it to gain some attention. Then keep the rest for other days.

3. Stick to Your Personal Style

Fine, wearing these wardrobe pieces is similar to leaving your comfort zone. But it doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Stick to your personal style and only wear eye-catching pieces that enhance your style. This way, you remain comfortable and stylish at the same time.

For instance, you wear dark-coloured suits to work. If you want it to pop out, you can pair it with a multi-patterned or bright coloured shirt that will further enhance your style.

4. Ensure It Makes You Feel Good

You should feel good about what you’re wearing. This is very important because if you don’t, anyone will be able to tell. Hence, let the pieces you go for align with your personal style and choices. They’ll go a long way in revealing who you are.

5. Be Confident

Self-confidence is a prerequisite trait for success in every area of life—including fashion. You need self-confidence to dress up every day let alone wearing something that makes you stand out.

lady wearing a stylish kimono

And as such, before you grab on a piece with eye-catching details, ensure you are comfortable, proud and bold enough to deal with the attention that comes with it.

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