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How to Wear Mismatched Shoes Like a Style Pro

Many say fashion is crazy. What they don’t understand is that fashion is an art and as an art, creativity is a major ingredient. This creativity may be normal or unconventional, depending on the artist. When normal, no one talks; it’s mainstream because it’s normal, you know. But when it’s unconventional, it becomes crazy; crazy like knowing how to wear mismatched shoes.

black and white mismatched shoes

Is that even crazy? Of course not. It’s simply unconventional because we all are used to wearing the same pair of shoes. Identity is the norm and has always been. However, once in a while, wouldn’t it be fun to not only think outside the box but also act outside the box?

Dearest fashionista, normal is boring. Once in a while, get out of that box you’ve placed yourself and take a deep breath. Then set out to add more accents to your style; accents like the mismatched shoes trend.

Ini Edo wearing mismatched shoes with black dress

However, you must realise that this trend isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who love to make fashion statements.

If bold and eccentric isn’t your personal style, don’t bother trying to pull off this outfit. But if you love to get off your comfort zone and try new things, kudos! Go ahead and learn how to wear mismatched shoes even better than a style pro.

What is the Mismatched Shoes Trend?

lady rocking mismatched shoes

As the name implies, this trend involves wearing dissimilar shoes which may clash with each other. It became popular at the Spring ’17 Céline runway and fashion houses like Moschino and Calvin Klein repeated it too.

lady on the runway rocking rocking read and white mismatched shoes

Clashing footwear may share an identity in some way or may be totally different. However the case may be, clashing shoes usually share a connection.

For instance, it could be the same type of shoes though different make, features, prints and colour. To illustrate, you could rock a pair of mismatched stilettos or peep toes, ankle boots or even sneakers.

Furthermore, uncoordinated shoes could be the same in terms of colour and make though with some differing features.

green mismatched shoes

 For example, some clashing shoes may have a bejeweled ankle strap while the other has the jewelry at the front strap. Others may have different colours of buckles or different patterns of additional materials.

In addition, some clashing footwear can as well share same features, same type and make yet different colours.

outdoor lady wearing mismatched shoes

The idea is to make both footwear clash yet appear uniformly and admirable. If you’ve been secretly admiring those who have the confidence to pull off this look, wouldn’t you like to know how they do it?

Well, if you do, this article is here to sate your hunger on how to wear mismatched shoes like a style pro.

Mismatched Shoes: Another Shift From the Status Quo

lady in black dress wearing mismatched hells

When we were kids, we were always corrected whenever we made the mistake of wearing our shoes wrongly or wearing different pairs. I remember how my parents scolded me whenever I wore the shoe for my right foot on my left; and how friends laughed whenever I wore two different slippers.

Now, things are rapidly changing. Although, my aforementioned retrospections haven’t been normalised, people are beginning to question what indeed is right or wrong. One way they achieve this is by bending fashion rules.

For instance, if you check, no one actually sets the rules. We were all taught what is right and what is wrong. And the funny thing is that as the world grows, some of the things that hitherto used to be wrong ends up becoming right and vice versa.

suede mismatched shoes

For example, there was a time when trousers weren’t right for women. Can we still say that today? Of course not! In fact, anyone who still believes that is probably anachronistic or is being pushed by religion.

Wearing clashing shoes is another shift from the status quo. It is an unconventional trend that will soon become a mainstream way of expressing yourself while exploring fashion. It is an unspoken way of flouting the conventions.

This trend has been extant for a while now. Many style icons like Ogugua Okonkwo and Ini Edo have been putting it in our faces. Nonetheless, many are yet to embrace it.

This is probably because apart from the fact that this trend is out of norm, it is not for everyday looks. That is, it is more appreciated when you want to make a unique fashion statement at a specific occasion.

If you’ll like to know more about this trend, don’t stop reading yet. We’re about to add something new and bold to your style skill set. And it’s simply a style guide on how to wear mismatched shoes.

Why do People Wear Mismatched Shoes

man wearing black and white mismatched sneakers

 Some see this trend as an arrant display of carelessness. Why would anyone wear mismatched footwear if they aren’t careless or confused? The answer isn’t far-fetched and you are about to know them.

Since fashion is a means of self-expression, this trend is just another way to express yourself. You simply let the world know that you are not bound by limitations be they from within or from society. Additionally, it is a way to say you are bold to push boundaries and question mores while doing you.

Furthermore, as stated earlier, this trend is a shift from the status quo. Some say it is a form of protest against what society defines as normal and abnormal. Meaning that it is a disregard for social norms.

pink mismatched shoes

People also know how to wear mismatched shoes so they can make indelible fashion statements. These statements will linger, not only in the memory of the internet but also in the minds of people.

For others, it’s simply a way to feel good, catch fun and explore fashion. By the way, that’s the essence of fashion — to feel good, have fun and explore.

Moreover, some wear uncoordinated footwear when they like both pairs for an outfit and want to wear them at once.

How to Wear Mismatched Shoes

To know how to wear mismatched shoes, you have to first ensure that it is obvious that what you are wearing is deliberate. You can do this by following these tips below.

1. Find Something Matching About Them

If you want to learn how to wear mismatched shoes, you have to understand that not all shoes can be mismatched. For instance, you can’t wear a pair of heels with sneakers and say you’re a fashionista. You’ll only make yourself an eyesore.

Therefore, before you go ahead to mismatch your footwear, do some calculations. What shoes do you have in mind? Do they have something in common? If no, make sure they do otherwise you look like a lunatic.

For instance, you could pick different shoes that have similar shape, style or heel height, and pair them together. Or you go for same shoes but different colours. This way, your shoes don’t look disjointed; they look coordinated yet mismatched.

2. Keep Other Components of Your Outfits on the Low

Ini Edo wearing mismatched shoes

Since your shoes are already doing the talking, other things you wear shouldn’t make so much noise. You can stick to a monochromatic colour palette for your clothes and accessories while you make your shoes loud. This way, the focus remains on your footwear as that is the essence.

3. If Your Clothes are Loud, Make the Shoes Mild

stylish lady wearing mismatched shoes

However, if you don’t like the sound of tip #2 above, try this one:

If your clothes are already making a statement then wear mild colours of mismatched shoes. You can clash shoes of neutral colours to blend with your outfit. Whichever one you choose between this tip and the one above, just make sure your footwear complements your outfit.

4. Go for a Designer Pair

lady in white dress wearing mismatched shoes

Designers these days are manufacturing uncoordinated shoes deliberately. You can opt for this pair if you’re particularly sceptical about the whole thing. Once you do this, you’ll be rest assured that if anyone questions your style choice, you are justified because that’s how they were made.

5. Put on Your Armour of Confidence

lady on runway wearing mismatched knee-length shoes

What is style without self-confidence? Nada! In fashion, being self-confident is akin to crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

As you know, this trend is still unconventional. That is, it is capable of turning heads and arching brows. People will definitely stare at you. Some may even say to your face that you are crazy. You need to be bold to look beyond this and carry on.

boy wearing sneakers with different color ropes

 Hence, in order for you to pull it off successfully, you have to do it with confidence. By so doing, you end up marrying comfort with style.

Finally, don’t jump at this trend just because you love how it looks on your favourite celebrity. Be sure to go through this post any time you’re about to pull off this look until you’re certain you’ve become a pro.

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