Bending Fashion Rules

Sometime ago, wearing kicks on a tuxedo was considered a huge blunder in fashion until some people decided to bend the rule and wear sneakers on suit. It made waves. It definitely was out of our culturescape – sneakers on suit? Who the hell does that?! Well, some people did and inasmuch as it looked strange to the eyes, it undeniably was innovative. That’s what bending fashion rules creates – Innovation, novelty and of course, new trends.

Many a time, I’ve heard people —most especially ladies —say to some other person, “It’s wrong to wear that… You don’t wear that… Change your top to something else… Or maybe your pants… The prints are loud”. This makes me wonder who exactly sets the rules in fashion for if it were a celebrity who dressed in such manner, these same people would troop to their Instagram handles and drop mouthwatering praises as comments.

Bending fashion rules simply means breaking the fashion rules you deem unsuitable for your style and possibly going against the stereotype society has created about how to wear and how not to wear. Never have I been a subscriber of rules; always have I been an adherent of ‘you can dress or appear the way you want so long as it suits your taste’ and I think that works. This means that you are at liberty to explore fashion and make your own statement. To illustrate this, I’ll be analyzing some of these fashion rules which already have been broken by celebrities and influencers and have become the latest trends to follow.

Don’t Wear Print on Print

Well, this is one of the fashion rules that irk me especially when I see how people slay while mixing prints. Many designers have created masterpieces just by mixing prints. Let’s not even go into the bi-print Ankara trend. Or maybe, let’s come to the idea of a ready-to-wear gown having two prints as one. If the designers had locked themselves in a ‘don’t-break-the-rule’ shell, would we have such beautiful looks as we do today?

Mix the prints. You’ll slay better than wearing just one print.

Don’t wear heels if you’re tall

Really?! So heels were invented for short women alone? This rule is as dumb as it sounds. Some of its adherents argue that the rule is to prevent tall women from intimidating men by being taller than them. That’s a dumber reason to deny yourself the liberty to dress as you’d love.  Heels are perfect on tall women. They make them look more confident and attractive. Wear the heels you feel comfortable in and watch yourself become the cynosure of all eyes.

Always wear heels when “dressing up” for a big occasion

Bending the Rules in Fashion
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Just imagine you find it very uncomfortable to walk in heels and just because you want to please the fashion legislators, you go ahead and wear heels then all of a sudden, you miss a step and trip and fall. Unimaginable, isn’t it? Always wear whatever you’re comfortable in – heels or flats. Do not because of some so-called fashion rules wear heels when you don’t feel okay in them. Already, flats are now as chic as party heels. If you don’t want to attend that event wearing flats because you think it’s against the rule, remember that there is nothing less elegant than shoes so uncomfortable which affect your gait with an unsightly limp. Just do flats for ease and comfortability. Nobody said you can’t.

Suits are for shoes and not sneakers

We talked about this rule already in our introductory paragraph, let’s get down to a similar rule.

Don’t wear sneakers on gowns

I’ve seen hot looks of sneakers and gowns, be they short gowns, midi gowns or flare gowns. C’mon, this rule was broken a long time ago. These days, ladies rock sneakers with anything. Sneakers make you look sporty and very much casual. Don’t limit your sneakers to tracksuits and bum shorts alone. Try it with miniskirts/gowns, midi skirts/gowns, flare skirts/gowns, etc. You can read more about How to Get That Killer Casual Look with Sneakers.

Always dress for your body type

This rule not only locks you in a self-imposed shell but also gives you a very drab fashion sense. You should wear clothes that fit, flatter and frame your shape whether they suit your body type or not. If we’re to go by this rule, then plus-size people would have no business with bikinis and swimsuits. Your body is not a problem that needs to be solved through strategic dressing so allow it the privilege of dressing as you love.

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Never wear gold and silver jewelry together

The days of to-match are gone, hence, it’s about time you tried mixing gold and silver jewelry (if you haven’t already). Wearing gold and silver together looks better in a lot of cases than just wearing one or the other. They complement each other and prevent you from looking all matchy.

To get quality, you have to spend a lot

Who said that, please? Who made that rule? Spending more money is no guarantee of receiving greater quality. If someone says otherwise, then s/he is only trying to justify her/his spending habits. If you take time to learn how things are made and how you can take care of them to maintain their durability, then you’ll see the real value of things, not just what they cost. Price shouldn’t be a determinant for quality, value should.

Your bags and shoes must always match

If you still abide by this rule then you are still in the twentieth century. C’mon! This rule was broken quite early in this century. You can mix colors as you like. Who says you can’t wear a pink suit, yellow camisole, blue shoes and a black bag? Who says you can’t wear green shoes and carry a pink clutch bag? It’s the 21st century, sis. If you still stick to these fashion rules, it’s time you broke it.

Always wear a belt if your shirt is tucked in

There is nothing inappropriate about going without a belt whether you’re in a professional environment or just dressing for yourself. If you want to break this rule, ensure your pants or skirt fit properly so you can still look good without a belt. Sometimes, wearing a belt makes your look cluttered.

You should always dress according to your gender

If we want to go by this fashion rule, then ladies would have no business with trousers or maybe Agbada. Fashion has evolved and so should you. For instance, Agbada is no longer restricted to the male gender alone. Ladies rock it to weddings, owambe parties, and even red carpet events. Fashion really is fun when you resolve to go out of the norm. If our style influencers had restricted their dress sense to what’s normal, would they have made a name for themselves? Most definitely not.

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There is nothing as fun as bending the rules in fashion. It engenders creativity and gives you ample room to stand out, be bold and innovative even if people may find it ridiculous. The usual thing is, people rarely find it fascinating when a random person is bending fashion rules unless it’s a celebrity of course. But does it matter?  It is about time you stopped restricting yourself to some unlaid down fashion rules set by God-knows-who in fashion. It’s high time you got up, dressed up and broke some fashion rules while exploring your style. You don’t have to be a celebrity to do this. You just have to be a fashion lover who’s willing to let his or her outfits speak. If outfits indeed could speak, wouldn’t you love yours to yell the words ‘daring’ to whoever sights you? Be flexible while looking good as you resolve to bend the rules in fashion.

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