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Mixing Different Ankara Prints: How to Mix and Match Ankara Prints

Recently, a friend sent me a conversation he had with his friend. She had read one of our posts and went to his DM to argue with him that a picture she saw on the site was a fashion blunder. This guy who knows little about fashion had to forward the screenshots to me. And he asked me if mixing different Ankara prints was wrong as the other girl opined.

Because I am always of the opinion that there are no particular rules in fashion, I sent him the article on bending fashion rules to show to his friend. She read it and refuted again. According to her, her mother said it was wrong to mix prints.

The keyword there is “her mother”. This girl forgot to recognize the fact that most of the time, what is wrong in one generation, may be right in the next. People mix prints every day. They wear mismatched shoes too.

fair lady wearing different ankara top and short skirt

 And when they do this in such a way that the result is an eye candy, who are you to say they broke a rule? Besides, I thought rules were created to be broken in the first place?

lady wearing same color ankara mix

Mixing different Ankara prints is no fashion crime. And as a strong proponent of free will in fashion, I believe you are at liberty to explore and wear whatever you like.

However, there’s a clause:

It is dependent on your ability to create something that pleases the eye.

lady wearing mixed native fabrics

When you mix and match different Ankara prints and you do it well, you create something that pleases the eye. And that is why it is our article for today.

Mixing Different Ankara Prints

dancing lady in different pattern ankara top and skirt

When people bend fashion rules, it isn’t restricted to ready-made clothing alone. It also affects African fabrics like Ankara which also known as Kitenge.

lady wearing same color ankara mix outfit

 To be specific, the erstwhile fashion rule of never mixing prints has been broken. And now, not only can you mix prints with your ready-made clothes. You can also extend to mixing different Ankara prints too.

lady with dark shades rocking mixed fabric ankara outfit

It’s been done before. And there’s no magic to it. You just have to understand and put into practice these principles you’re about to read.

How to Mix Different Ankara Prints

1. Mix Related Colours

lady wearing native mixed print outfit

This is one way to go about mixing different Ankara prints. To use this method take two different prints that have a particular pronounced colour in common. The common colour will serve as the basis of the cohesion between both fabrics.

beautiful lady wearing similar color ankara mix outfit

This way, you don’t look clashing even when you’re wearing two prints at a go.

lady wearing related color ankara fabrics

2. Mix Related Patterns

lady wearing related pattern ankara mix outfit

There are Ankara fabrics that have the same or related patterns yet different colours. This has already created a relationship between them. So, if you have fabrics like this, go ahead and mix them. They will blend together perfectly.

lady mixing related pattern ankara in her outfit
lady wearing different prints ankara outfit

3. Mix and Match Different Patterns

lady wearing different ankara prints

Furthermore, you can carry out mixing different Ankara prints by matching based on the sizes of the prints.

lady wearing different ankara top and trouser

 For instance, you can combine an Ankara fabric with small prints with another that has big or medium-sized prints.

pretty lady in ankara mix outfit

The results will be a fusion of diversity which is the central purpose of mixing different Ankara prints together.

4. Mix More Than Two Fabrics Together

lady combining more than 2 ankara patterns in one outfit

You can as well use the aforementioned principles to mix and match more than two Ankara fabrics together. It is also one of the methods of mixing different Ankara prints.

plus sized lady wearing different ankara prints

 And since the Ankara fabric is most of the time multicoloured, you can pick more than two colours from the palette of the fabric and mix them to create something stylish.

lady wearing mixed fabric dress

 Finally, when mixing different Ankara prints, ensure the fabrics do not clash each other. This way, you create something aesthetic and appealing to the eyes.

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  1. I am totally, head over heals in love with the mixing and matching of ankara prints, vichy, plaids!! I am 65 years old. My daughter who is 28 not so much. Just goes to show you. Thank you for that very insightful rundown.

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