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30 Ankara Long Gowns that Cover-Up Yet Flaunt Your Shape

Who said you only look hot when the dress is skimpy? That person most definitely hasn’t checked out the latest Ankara long gowns at all. These dresses cover you up, almost entirely, yet they work wonders in showing off your fine figure.

If you’ve tried out Ankara short gowns, Ankara suits and Ankara jumpsuits, the next on your bucket list should be having one of these latest Ankara long gowns.

lady rocking ankara long gown at an event

They are all in this post. Just be ready to screenshot or download the images so you can slay to your next owambe.

That’s not all.

News flash: These styles can also pass for office wear. Yes, you can wear any of these latest Ankara long gowns to work as an Ankara office wear, especially the ones under the simple category.

lady in a green ankara long dress

Ready to check them out?

Before you do that, let me tell you a quick story on why you should give long gowns a shot.

Why Wear Ankara Long Gowns?

lady wearing beautiful long ankara gown

These frocks are super stylish dresses. Although, there was a period maxi dresses left the fashion scene, their return only proves that they really are important staples.

2 ladies rocking matching long ankara dresses

Once I had this friend who always felt totally uncomfortable in long dresses. According to her, God gave her a beautiful figure, so why should she hide everything up in her clothing?

lady in a beautiful ankara long dress

I tried to make her understand that though long dresses cover you up, they still flaunt your body if you’d let them. So, I asked her to give it a shot by sewing a long dress with an Ankara fabric. Then I picked one of the styles you’re about to see here for her. She took it to her seamstress and boom! With the way it looked on her, she almost swore never to wear short dresses again.

lady in red ankara long gown

That’s not even possible. She only fell in love with maxi gowns and never hesitates to wear one when the occasion calls for it.

smiling lady in ankara gown

If you’re wondering why you should wear Ankara long gowns in the first place, below are the reasons:

  • They protect your lower body while retaining your style.
  • They add a bit of drama to your outfit. Thus, helping you make a fashion statement.
  • They are comfortable and easy to wear depending on the style. You don’t have to worry about showing much skin.
  • They are feminine and flattering. Whether loose-fitting or tight-fitting, these styles accentuate your feminine features way louder.
  • Because the Ankara fabric is usually multicolored with different patterns, a long dress made with it helps you stand out.

Latest Ankara Long Gowns for You

Rita Dominic in a long ankara dress

Alright. Here we are.

blond hair lady in long ankara dress

I’m guessing you’re pretty much psyched to see the styles already. I repeat, if you hitherto never liked long dresses, these latest Ankara long gowns will change your mind ASAP.

smiling lady in a long ankara dress

Essentially, the latest Ankara long gowns all fall into the category of simple and statement. Any one of them you choose will still fulfill its purpose of covering up your lower body, flattering your shape and making an unforgettable fashion statement for you.

beautiful lady in a long ankara dress

You can mix and match ankara with plain materials such as tulle, organza, etc., to make them. You can also add embellishments such as decorative buttons, roses, and what have you to further beautify the styles.

lady at the car park wearing long ankara gown

Furthermore,  they may be tightfitting, loose-fitting, flare, pleated, butterfly, A-line or of any cut you choose. They can as well have varying necklines and sleeves. In addition, you can always rock them with any accessory of your choice.

lady wearing a simple ankara long dress

1. Simple Ankara Long Gowns

lady in a simple maxi ankara dress

Although, Ankara long dresses are usually dramatic because of their length and print, these ones aren’t as dramatic as their statement counterpart. They are simple, not because they are drab; but because they’ve got no other statement feature in them save for their length or fabric print. You can otherwise call them mildly-dramatic Ankara long dresses.

smiling lady rocking orange ankara long dress
lady in a red ankara long gown
lady in a simple flare ankara gown
lady in hugging long ankara dress
black lady rocking long ankara dress
lady in ankara maxi dress

2. Statement Ankara Long Dresses

lady in a statement long ankara gown

The statement Ankara long dresses usually come with more drama. They could have voluminous sleeves, no sleeves, a high slit or any other feature which aids in making a statement. You can otherwise call them really dramatic Ankara long gowns.

lady in a mixed fabric long ankara dress
lady wearing a long statement ankara gown
lady in a long flare statement ankara gown
lady in long ankara dress
lady wearing fidh-shape ankara long gown

Now that you’ve seen the latest Ankara long gowns we’ve curated for you. Which of these have you decided to rock to you next occasion? Let us know by dropping a comment below


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