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Ankara Styles for Ladies: 6 Tips on How to Wear and Stand Out

What’s the number one fabric Nigerians love to wear to church? You guessed right. It’s ankara. And ladies most especially are guilty of making this fabric their Sunday best. Everyone seems to wear it. So how do you stand out when donning any of the Ankara styles for ladies?

It’s easy.

And you’ll find out before you’re done reading this post

two ladies wearing ankara aso ebi

But in the meantime, keep wearing Ankara. Know for sure that you can always switch to ready-made apparel anytime you want. And you can also rock any of the Ankara styles for ladies in ways that make you stand out.

6 Tips to Ensure You Stand Out With the Ankara Styles for Women

mother and daughter wearing matching ankara gown

This fabric is now so prevalent. Moreso, what becomes a source of worry to fashionistas, isn’t the availability of the fabric but the perfect style to sew with it.

 And this shouldn’t be a problem. Because all about you are different ways to style Ankara every day.

In addition, if you combine it with these tips that’ll make you stand out when wearing Ankara, you’ll never want to settle for anything lesser.

1. Pick a Style With Beautiful Details

lady wearing ankara gown with a slit

You want to stand out while wearing any of the Ankara styles for ladies? Make sure your style is embellished with beautiful details. Most of the time, it’s the style people notice first. And if you pick one with standout details, you become the cynosure of all eyes.

lady wearing ankara print dress
lady wearing ankara kimono in different styles

2. Consider Your Body Type

lady wearing ankara maxi dress

Don’t just settle for a style because it looks good. Have you considered your body type?

lady wearing African print top

Are there extra layers of fat around your belly region? Pick any of the ankara styles that hide big belly then.

lady wearing ankara two piece

Are you straight or you’ve got a pear body type? Ensure the style you go for complements and flatters your body type because if it doesn’t, you’ll make a displeasing sight.

3. Pick a Fabric With Unique Patterns

lady wearing ankara dress combined with net

If you want to rock the Ankara styles for ladies and you want to appear distinct, it goes beyond picking a suitable style. You also need to check the fabric you’ll be using to make the dress.

lady in a short native gown

Is it beautiful enough? How about the prints? Are they unique? Ensure you answer yes to these questions because the pattern of the fabric will go a long way in promoting your look.

In addition, to make your Ankara fabric more unique, you can also pair with other fabrics such as net, lace or jeans. This way, you stand out better.

lady wearing combined native print dress

4. Ensure Your Dress Fits Perfectly

lady wearing African print midi dress

Your tailor’s done with your dress? Check well. Does it fit perfectly? Is it as snug as you want it to be?

pretty smiling lady wearing sleeveless ankara dress

This is important because what you wear is supposed to fit right. It shouldn’t be too loose; neither should it be too tight. Every component of the dress should be obvious that it’s for you. And when the reverse becomes the case, you make a blooper.

smiling lady wearing long sleeves native gown

5. Pair with Befitting Accessories

Pretty lady wearing ankara top with matching skirt

Accessories are those little add-ons that further garnish your attire. The Ankara styles for ladies will look better if you rock them with accessories.

lady in dark shades wearing ankara dress

You can add a statement jewel to your look. And grab on your sunglasses to look bold and beautiful. Don’t forget the right shoes and handbag matter too. Ensure your accessories befit your attire and don’t forget the last tip.

lady wearing African print crop top

6. Exude Confidence

smiling lady wearing wearing African print dress

After adhering to tip one to five, if you don’t inculcate this one, your effort will be in vain.

Ini Edo wearing beautiful ankara dress

 Be confident. The style, as well as other things you wear, is your choice. Don’t feel shy or think twice about it. Rock them with pride and get going.

lady wearing long amkara two piece

Gorgeous Ankara Styles for Ladies

Thinking of the perfect Ankara dress to sew? Feast your eyes on these styles. You’ll definitely find the one for you amongst them.


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