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How to Pose for Pictures: 10 Easy Poses That’ll Give You Awesome Photos

Once I came across a particular picture of a lady on Facebook. Her dress was beautiful yet it didn’t get deserving reactions. Instead, commenters thought it awkward and I figured it was because she didn’t know how to pose for pictures.

Sometimes, your outfit or number of followers on social media aren’t the reason your photos don’t get deserving reactions.

It’s the way you pose.

Whether you wear basic outfits or statement pieces, if you don’t strike the right pose, your photo won’t be flattering.

Postures matter in fashion and photography. This is why models learn how to pose for pictures professionally.

Furthermore, this is what makes your favorite style influencers look all peng in their photos.

That is, apart from their ability to combine one or two in their outfits, they also complement their looks with the right pose.

Hence, if you desire to take better pictures, this article will show you how to pose for pictures.

Let’s dive in.

10 Easy Poses That’ll Give You Awesome Photos

Getting the right postures for your pictures can be quite challenging. Especially if you’re not comfortable being in front of a camera or you’re a complete novice.

While different postures work for different body types, the ones in this post have been tested and tried.

All you need to do is to get a good photographer who’s knows the importance of the right angles and perspectives.

And voila!

You have banging photos.

Do you see people’s photos on social media and wonder how they get massive engagement? It’s because they know how to pose for pictures.

Do you want your pictures to also get massive engagement on social media?

Then start by trying out the following poses:

1. Cross One Leg Over the Other

lady cross one leg pose

This is one common posture. It focuses on the vertical lines of your legs and makes your entire body look longer. You can put your hand on your waist while at it or stand like that.

lady in red outfit doing cross one leg and look away pose

Furthermore, while at this pose, you can also push a knee forward. It makes it possible to highlight your shoes from different angles.

Tacha with the cross one leg pose

2. Raise a Leg

lady doing the raise a leg pose

This pose adds a bit of drama to your photos. It as well draws attention to your legs and shoes.

lady doing the look away and raised leg pose
lady in red hat doing the raise a leg pose

3.  Fake Walk Towards the Camera

Victoria Willie doing the walking pose

This pose gives the illusion of actual movement. If you choose to use this posture, make sure you give your photographer enough time to take the right shot. You can do this by taking your time to walk.

lady in black hat doing the walk pose

Furthermore, you may choose to look at the camera while walking or look somewhere else to achieve that unaware moment.

lady in white outfit doing the fake walk pose for pictures

4. Look Back at the Camera

Victoria B. Willie doing the look back pose in a Ria Kosher outfit

This is another tip on how to pose for pictures. It’s an easy pose that will definitely result in awesome photos.

lady doing the look back pose

If your dress has beautiful details behind or you’ve got a banging figure, use this pose to flaunt it.

Victoria B. Willie doing the look back pose for a picture

All you have to do is to look back at the camera and give a befitting facial expression.

5. Lean Against the Wall

smiling lady leaning her shoulder a wall for a photoshoot

This pose allows you engage with your environment. It also makes you relax and feel comfortable. While leaning against the wall, you can as well pop up your knee to get different effects.

lady in white kimono doing the lean on the wall pose
lady doing the leaning on the wall pose

6. Kick a Leg Up

happy lady in white doing the kick pose

This one depicts a happy state of mind. It also adds drama to your pictures.

lady doing the kick up pose

 Even if you aren’t in a good mood while taking your pictures, once you try this pose, you’ll cheer up.

Try it and see.

smiling lady with flowers doing the kick pose

Furthermore, to make this pose much better, lean back while kicking up your leg. This way, the leg you kicked up appears parallel to the ground.

7. Keep Your Hands Busy

lady pulling up her sleeves

This is another tip on how to pose for pictures you shouldn’t forget. It’s very easy.

For instance, you can keep one or both hands on your waist. This helps to support your entire frame and add edges to your silhouette.

Victoria doing the hands at akimbo pose

Moreover, you can also tuck your hair behind your ears or place a hand on your head. You can as well touch your sunglasses or your hat if you’re wearing one. Raise a hand up or play with the sleeves of your shirt.

lady holding a bag

Just do anything too keep your hands busy. This pose works well both for portrait and full photos.

8. Both Legs Apart

lady doing the legs apart pose

You can also stand with your both legs apart. To add more details to the photo, look away from the camera, place your hands on your hips or leave them by your side if you want.

lady in white suit doing the legs apart pose in front of a car
lady doing the legs apart and looking away pose

9. Look Away from the Camera or Tilt Your Head to One Side

lady at the beach doing the unaware pose

The first one helps to throw the focus on your outfit while the other adds more angles to your photo.

lady doing the look away pose

They are good options you should try out.

lady doing unaware pose

10. Sit on a Ledge, Staircase or Sidewalk

lady doing the sitting pose with cross legs

Sitting to pose is one great way to flaunt your legs and shoes. And if the person who snaps you is good, this pose makes you look taller.

lady sitting on steps

Learning how to pose for pictures isn’t for models alone. So long as you dress well, look good and love to share your favorite moments on social media, you need this knowledge.

 Start with the poses outlined in this post. They are effortless enough to give you banging photos without your trying hard.

unaware pose

And don’t forget you need a good photographer who understands the importance of angles or perspectives. Because it is one thing to pose well for pictures. It’s another to get the right shot.

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