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Raffia Earrings: Everything to Help You Pull it off

All about you on social media, the streets, and even the catwalk, raffia earrings are taking over. Besides being statement pieces that command attention, these earrings are a must-have. How they transform your outfit into a showstopper isn’t something to miss out on. 

pretty raffia earrings on a black mannequin

Thanks to sustainable fashion and eco-friendly shopping, these accessories are fast becoming wardrobe staples. If you love to make trendy fashion statements with your outfits, wear this accessory. Wondering where and how to begin? That’s what this piece is for. Keep reading as we dive in.

The Artisanal Appeal of Raffia Earrings

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As its name suggests, these handcrafted earrings are made primarily from raffia, a natural fiber gotten from the leaves of the raffia palm tree grown in different parts of Asia, South Africa, and Africa. The earrings come in various sizes, shapes, and colours, often incorporating intricate weaving techniques that enhance their artisanal appeal.

Also, raffia earrings are popular for their lightweight nature. They exude a bohemian aesthetic, making them a go-to accessory for beachwear and casual outfits. And since they’re made with biodegradable natural raffia, they’re fast becoming an eco-friendly classic.

Furthermore, the raffia material is often used on its own or combined with metallic accessories to transform them into sustainable pieces. But beyond accessories, raffia is also used in making clothes, furniture, and other crafts. It’s one durable and versatile material with a natural “straw” colour that can be dyed into other colours.

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What to Consider Before Wearing Raffia Earrings

A model rocking yellow raffia earrings

Photo Credit: Latej Creations

Before adorning your ears with these beautiful creations, consider the following:

The Occasion

For starters, where are you headed? If it’s a short walk down the street, you may need to skip your raffia earrings and wear something simple like studs. Why?

Raffia earrings are ornate. So, save them for worthy occasions like picnics, parties, weddings, beach days, or any special event you want your ears to do the talking.

Your Outfit

Some outfits pair great with these accessories. Classic examples are beachwear, maxi dresses, native, and casual wear. While these earrings aren’t conventional for formal wears like suits, it won’t be a crime to still explore. After all, experimenting is how you birth new fashion trends and outfits.

Also, ensure your earrings match the colour of your outfit. 

Your Hair

The shorter your hair, the more obvious your earrings should be. And since raffia earrings are ornate, you want to show them off when you rock them. So, stick to hairstyles that show off your ears.

How to Style Raffia Earrings

A model  rocking raffia earrings with ankara and a statement jewelry

Photo Credit: Latej Creations

Wearing these earrings is a fun way to add a touch of bohemian flair and sustainability to your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Go Casual Chic

Pair your raffia earrings with a pair of jeans, shorts, and a t-shirt or tank top for that laid-back vibe. It also looks great when paired with short dresses, whether flared or pencil. Then, complete your look with a nice pair of sneakers, slippers, crocs, flip-flops, etc., and some makeup.

Something for the Beach 

Planning to go have fun with your friends at the beach? Don a pair of raffia earrings. It looks great with any type of beach outfit for women, from maxi dresses to bikini, shorts and tank tops, white shirts, etc. Take the look up a notch by adding a wide-brimmed hat to the mix.

Exude Some Boho Aesthetics

Explore the Bohemian fashion style by pairing your raffia earrings with a peasant blouse, embroidered shorts, and ankle boots. Accessorize some more with tassel-embellished bags and some beaded or metallic necklaces.

Oooze Some Chic Power

Got a speaking event where you want to stun attendees with your intelligence? Wear a jumpsuit or a nice suit. Then, adorn your ears with this statement accessory, don heels, and go pull off some power boss babe moves.

Native Wear

These earrings also pair with African-inspired pieces made with ankara, kente, dashiki, brocade, and other African fabrics.

Dress Consciously with Raffia Earrings

lady wearing raffia earrings for a side head shot

Beyond their capacity to make a fashion statement, raffia earrings add a playful and earthy element to any outfit. Whether you’re wearing them to work, parties, festivals, or fancy events, these pieces are spot-on.

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Moreover, they’re natural, so when you shop and wear them, you won’t just don a fashion accessory. You’ll also save the planet from more harm because raffia is eco-friendly.

Now, go ahead and dress consciously. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles when creating mindblowing accessories with these earrings. If you need more chic styles of these earrings, find them below:

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