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What to Know About Eye patch and How to Use Them

When you see an eye patch what comes to your mind? Pirates of old, Patchy the Pirate from Spongebob Squarepants, or the Asiwaju crooner, Ruger? I’m sure you pictured one of them and the reason isn’t far-fetched: that singular accessory has become a part of their identity.

For instance, in the adventure novel, Treasure Island, the lead pirate character, Long John Silver, had an eye patch. And this added more depth to his persona. Similarly, Afrobeats superstar, Ruger, dons this accessory in most of his public appearance, and it has become a significant chunk of his signature style

But why do eye patch lovers wear them? Could there be something about their eyes they aren’t telling us or it’s simply for aesthetic reasons?

Picture showing  a lady rocking an eye patch

Well, people have different reasons for wearing this eye covering. While some use it to treat different types of eye conditions, others use it to manage poor vision for years. Don’t be surprised; these patches are more than an accessory. But don’t take my word for it. How about we explore the world of eyepieces together?

What is an Eye Patch Used for?

Close up view of a guy rocking the eye patch

The eye patch is a piece of fabric or other material that you wear over an eye. This patch blocks the vision in one eye and treats some eyesight problems with what is called occlusion therapy. It is also common to wear patches after eye procedures for these reasons:


Eye patches cover your eyes and this is a great way to protect you after an eye surgery or other procedures. Most especially, after cataract surgery, these eyepieces stop dust or other items from getting into your eyes and causing irritation. It also helps you avoid rubbing or touching your eyes after surgery.


When you wear an eye patch after a procedure, it protects your eye, giving it time to heal. You may start with gauze bandages as their gentle pressure can help lower swelling and bruising.

Lazy Eye

For kids who have lazy eyes, these patches are commonly used to correct them. This condition occurs when a child’s vision doesn’t develop normally. It causes problems with eyesight, and the eye wanders either inward or outward.


Sometimes, doctors recommend an eye patch for strabismus which is also called squint. This occurs when your eyes are misaligned. One eye drifts in, out, or up while the other looks straight ahead, which can cause vision problems.

Double Vision

An eye patch is also used to treat double vision (diplopia). Double vision occurs when you look at one thing but see two images, so closing one eye often helps, and this is where an eye patch can be effective.

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Types of Eye Patches

Picture showing a young boy rocking the medical accessory

There are a few types of eye patches available. They include:

Adhesive Patch

This patch sticks to the skin over your eye like a bandage. It’s the perfect option if you are not a fan of glasses. These patches are the best for children, as they can stay longer and completely cover the eye. 

Cloth Patch

This eyepatch is made of soft fabric. It usually has a string you wrap around your head to hold it in place. It doesn’t stick to your skin and is also washable and reusable 

Eyeglass lens Cover

If you wear glasses, a lens cloth patch is a great option. The patches slip over your eyeglasses and temporarily block the lens. You can find them in different fabrics and prints and they are also washable and reusable.

Eye Shield and Pad

These eye patches are similar to the disposable bandages and gauze pads you use after eye surgery. These must be used until your eye heals or until your doctor instructs you to cease applying bandages. 

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Benefits of Eye Patches

Close up view of a boy  rocking the patch with his lens

Strengthens a Weak Eye

This ocular accessory helps to strengthen weak eyes in children, For instance, if your child has a lazy eye, place the eye patch over the stronger eye, it forces the weaker eye to work harder. Your doctor may recommend wearing the patch between two to six hours a day, depending on your child’s vision. You can even have your child do some arts and crafts or other close-up activities during patch time to make the eye more active.   

It’s a Non-invasive Treatment

This eye therapy is inexpensive and non-invasive but also effective. Early treatment with an eye patch can lead to greater improvement in vision which helps you avoid other, more invasive treatments.  

Improve Symptoms and Vision

 If you experience double vision, an eye patch can help. The patch will block the images from one eye, thus enhancing your vision. In addition, it helps to lower symptoms like nausea and headache. 

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How to Wear an Eye Patch

Picture showing a lady wearing  the medical Accessory

Wearing an eye patch is quite simple: 

  • Start by washing your hands with soap and water. 
  • Ensure the skin around your eye is clean and dry.
  • Determine which eye the patch goes on. If you’re treating strabismus or lazy eye, place the patch on the stronger eye. But if it’s after surgery, put it over the eye your doctor worked on. 
  • Place a new disposable patch or clean, reusable patch over the eye. Follow the instructions on the package. The narrow end should touch the bridge of your nose. 
  • Wear the patch for as long as your doctor says.
  • Remove the patch and apply petroleum jelly to soothe any irritated skin.

Exude Style & Health with an Eye patch

Close up view of a guy with  wearing the patch and  two other patches

Eye patches are crucial when it comes to treating certain eye conditions. They help to improve and protect your vision while adding depth to your personality. Feel free to wear one to manage vision in a weaker eye or protect your good eye. It’s primarily for medical reasons than it is for fashion. So, always follow your doctor’s orders while at it.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear it once in a while to boost your style. It adds more accents to your look and surely brings the stares rolling.

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