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Why the Hulken Bag Has Become an Obsession

More often than not, we’re always on the go. From grocery shopping to work or leisure trips, humans never stop moving. But while movement may be inevitable and fun, it’s sometimes tiring. And schlepping is one thing that makes it strenuous. Carrying or hauling heavy things can be quite chaotic, but movement becomes easier when you use a Hulken bag.

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These lightweight travel bags with wheels offer a sophisticated way to run errands or move about with heavy valuables. Hulkens are a versatile and chic travel companion for makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and creative professionals on the move. But are these bags actually worth the hype or they’re just another fashion sensation?

This article answers these questions, showing how Hulken bags make schlepping fun.

The Gift of Hulken Bags

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The Hulken is a multipurpose, lightweight yet sturdy, collapsible rolling bag in small, large, and extra-large sizes. These bags are designed to help you schlep with ease and style. 

It is made of ultrastrong polypropylene and is often used as a laundry bag, book tote, portable cart, etc. It has a set of four little stainless-steel wheels that spin at 360 degrees. This makes it easy to pull behind or alongside you, while walking on a smooth or rough surface. And if you don’t want to pull the bag as a trolley, carry it as a shoulder bag.

The largest Hulken bag measures three feet tall and weighs about four pounds when empty. Furthermore, these bags make transporting groceries and other stuff easier from the car to the house, store to store, or from one location to another. 

It’s easy to open and close and has pockets and compartments. It also comes in handy in the fashion and beauty sphere during fashion shows backstage, on the street, and on shoot sets.

With its sturdy construction and adjustable straps, these roller bags are perfect for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. They make movement comfy and stylish.

The Brand

The Hulken brand was founded by Alex Schinasi and Yoni Sheleg in 2020. It’s a family business that produces durable, foldable rolling bags designed to help you schlep with ease and style. Over the years, the business has expanded its catalog to offer convenient solutions that help creative professionals like makeup artists, stylists, designers, and event planners to commute easily in walkable cities like New York City.

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What to Love About the Hulken Bag

A lady standing beside the BeautyBlender pink Hulken

They’re Water-resistant

A Hulken bag is made from polypropylene, a type of water-resistant plastic. This means water won’t affect the quality of the bag. But the ags aren’t waterproof. Therefore, don’t fill yours with any kind of liquid.

They’re High-Quality & Durable

The Hulken bag is built to last for a long time. It’s made of very strong industrial materials and stainless steel wheels. Also, the bag can carry up to 66 lb (30 kilos) of load. The material of these bags is sturdy enough to retain its shape even when you overstuff it. Moreover, its base has a stiff board made from recycled materials. This offers a strong foundation that houses everything you put inside the bag. 

Hulken was birthed out of meticulous industrial research and tests. Though wear and tear may occur over time when you keep stuffing them with content, they’re still durable enough to serve you for long.

The Hulken Bag Has Adequate Space

Besides being big, these bags have pockets and compartments perfect for separating items so you can easily find them. If you’re a makeup artist or hairstylist, the Hulken bag helps you organize your products and tools easily and keeps them at a fast reach. All you need do is go to the pocket or compartment where you kept a certain category of items, and you’ll find them.

They’re Easy-to-move

With their pulley handles and 360-degree swivel wheels that roll in any direction, maneuvering these bags becomes easy-peasy. You can make quick turns, change direction, or move forward and backward without any hassle, whether you’re on an even or uneven pavement.

They’re Versatile

Besides the pulley handle, the hulken bag has handles on either side. This makes it easy to lift about and convert into a tote bag. So, when you don’t wanna roll the wheels, hang the handles around your shoulder for a tote look. And when you don’t want your Hulken bag carrying stuff, fold it almost completely flat and store it under your bed or in the trunk of your car.

Alternating between rolling and carrying the Hulken bag makes it much more versatile than other duffels, carts, and luggage bags with a single style.

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How to Ensure Your Hulken Bag Lasts Long

a lady carrying a Hulken as a tote

Follow these tips to the letter to preserve the quality of your storage bag:

  • Don’t overload the bag. Keep content at 66 lb (30 KG) max.
  • Distribute content evenly on all sides as much as possible to avoid overloading some sections.
  • Always fold your bag with the pull handle on your right-hand side so it folds correctly, and store it when not in use.
  • Wash your Hulken gently by hand with warm water and a sponge. Don’t wash in a washing machine.
  • Keep away from heaters, radiators, or long exposure to direct sunlight to preserve its color.
  • The Hulken isn’t designed to carry living creatures, so don’t put dogs, cats, and humans in your bag. It damages the bag and causes injury if you misuse it to carry living creatures.
  • When taking a stuffed Hulken bag up a stairway or kerbside, stop as close as possible to the step, lift the bag with the front handle, and slowly pull it up while ensuring the bottom doesn’t scrap the floor.
  • Don’t remove the transparent covering on the handles.
  • Watch out for sharp edges that may be inside the bag due to the industrial materials used in making it.
  • Lubricate the wheels to keep them running smoothly. If you’re using a spray lubricant, avoid spraying the part of the wheel that touches the floor so the lubricant doesn’t get to your floor.
  • Use a butter knife or the tip of a screwdriver to scrape off debris and dirt from the wheels. 
  • Disinfect your Hulken bag by wiping all surfaces, handles, and wheels with a disinfecting wipe or spraying the wheels with a disinfectant.

Get Stylish While On-the-Go with a Hulken Bag

If you’d like to streamline the stressful process of shopping or moving from one place to another, get a Hulken bag. Their mouthwatering perks make them the perfect grocery and foldable rolling bags.

Besides being the ideal shopping bag, Hulkens are a stylish companion for creatives on the move.

For instance, they help designers commute from the tailor to the show or shoot venue easily. As a makeup artist, this bag is your bestie for carrying, organizing, and comparting your products. And as a photographer, rest assured your photography equipment will be safe and sound in this bag.

Even the smallest Hulken can serve as carry-on luggage when travelling by air. Indeed, they’re an uber-practical and ultra-durable godsend for carrying belongings.

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