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Handlebar Mustache: How to Grow, Style & Maintain it

Have you ever noticed how a well-groomed handlebar mustache instantly commands attention and respect? This iconic facial hair style was once the signature look of Victorian-era gentlemen. It has made a comeback in recent years as a fashion statement for the modern man. 

Picture of a man holding a glass and rocking a dapper outfit with his handlebar mustache

If you’re contemplating rocking this mustache, you might be wondering if it still has a great perception and how easy or difficult it is to achieve it. 

In this article, we’ll give you insights on growing and maintaining this facial hair to make an informed decision. This iconic mustache is still badass and is an excellent complement to any polished, gentlemanly outfit. You just have to add your touch to it. 

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What is a Handlebar Mustache?

Full picture of guy rocking his  handlebar mustache

These mustaches have curved ends that resemble bicycle handles, hence their name. They’re often achieved on long upper lip hair with a mustache wax. While the handles of this mustache are curved, they can be straight or curled. Whichever style you choose will still complement your personal flair.

The handlebar is unique and separate from other mustaches, particularly the horseshoe mustache, because they are only connected to the corners of your mouth. 

Just as hipster beard styles have returned in recent years, the handlebar, a staple of the 1920s, is fiercely returning to the 21st century. With a refined touch to the look, the mustache complements the typical dapper look of a gentleman.

Does the Handlebar Mustache Complement Today’s Men?

Picture of Rollie Fingers rocking the iconic mustache

Yes, it does. The handlebar mustache has enjoyed a timelessness that many styles seek to have, especially in men’s fashion. The mustache style taps into that vintage masculinity from the 19th century and Old West cowboy days when this look was popular. So, rocking it today connects contemporary men to these classic masculine archetypes. 

Stars such as Rollie Fingers and Colman Domingo don the look with so much dexterity. This boosts its appeal in contemporary style. Furthermore, since the ends don’t have to be curved before complementing your appearance, you can wear a straight handlebar and exude a conservative, gentlemanly look anytime.

Types of Handlebar Mustache

Close up view of a man wearing the iconic facial hairstyle

The handlebar mustache comes in different styles. Rock any of them below:

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The Petite Handlebar Mustache

Picture of a man wearing the stylish facial hair

This is the smaller version of the traditional handlebar mustache and a great option for men with little facial hair for other styles.

The English Mustache

Picture of a man wearing the English handlebar mustache

This mustache is similar to the traditional handlebar. The only difference is the ends are styled to point straight instead of curved.

Hungarian Mustache

Picture of a man wearing the Hungarian handlebar mustache

This kind of mustache is big and burly, covering your entire upper lip. The handles of the Hungarian mustache are lower than the traditional handlebar mustache. We’ve seen the likes of Seth Bullock, Franz Ferdinard, and Wyatt Earp rocking this look.

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache

man rocking handlebar mustache that are curling up

The handlebar mustache is the pinnacle of refined yet rugged facial hair styles. With its twisted ends extending outwards like upturned handlebars, it makes an undeniably bold statement. Growing one takes patience and commitment. If you’re willing to put in the effort, the results are a look that commands attention and respect.

So follow these steps to learn how to grow the handlebar masterpiece:

Start with a Clean Slate

Shave off all other facial hair to allow your mustache hairs to grow unimpeded. Use a quality razor and shaving cream or gel for a smooth, close shave everywhere except the mustache area above your lip.

Let it Grow

Now comes the hard part— waiting. Put away the trimmers and razors, and simply let your mustache grow freely for two to three months. Resist any urge to trim during this phase, as length is important for getting those signature twists.

Train Your Mustache

Start training those whiskers once you’ve gotten some solid length (around four to five inches). Use a firm mustache wax to shape and hold the lengthening hairs outward from your lips in the handlebar formation. Do this daily while continuing to let it grow.

Trim and Tame

Once your twists are securely formed, use small grooming scissors to trim stray hairs and carefully keep the shape neat. Also, hit any unruly strays with a hot air brush or blow dryer to whip them into place using wax as needed.

Stay Diligent

Maintaining your fully grown handlebar requires daily dedication. Always brush it into shape upon waking. Also, apply wax and use a comb to tighten those ends. In addition, consider using a mustache net or wrap at night to preserve the twists while sleeping.

How to Style the Handlebar Mustache 

Picture of a man wearing the  stylish handlebar mustache

For this kind of mustache, styling is more about creating the perfect shape with your trimmer. If you want the curly type, comb, wax, and curl it. 

Start by combing your mustache in the direction you want it to grow. Then, trim it around the edges, use little wax, and rub it between your fingers before working it into your mustache. 

Furthermore, always start from the center and work your way out. However, try not to use too many styling products, as you’ll still wash them out when trimming and tidying. Above all, rocking the handlebar requires commitment. It’s a daily styling routine that involves using wax, so you should be prepared to maintain it.

The Handlebar Mustache is an Iconic Mustache for  Men

Picture of a man wearing the styling handlebar mustache

This facial hairstyle is an iconic look that makes a bold statement. It’s become more popular in recent years.

Growing this facial hairstyle requires serious commitment, as it takes months of patient growth to achieve the necessary length. Also, it requires a diligent grooming routine of brushing, twisting, and waxing the ends into those upturned curves.

However, if you’re willing to put in the work and confidently rock this vintage look, the payoff is a truly eye-catching signature style. The handlebar mustache exudes an aura of rugged masculinity and refined sophistication you don’t wanna miss out on.

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