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Balenciaga Runner: The Sneakers with a Retro-Luxe Appeal

Over the years, designers have been redefining and adding modern tweaks to traditional classics—for example, running shoes. Top brands have released different versions, adding a touch of luxury to athleisure, and the Balenciaga Runner is one of these reinventions.

Multicolored balenciaga runner sneakers

Debuted in 2021, these sneakers are a nostalgic reference to retro running shoes. They reflect the iconoclastic design vision of Demna Gvasalia, Creative Director of Balenciaga. And as expected of every piece from a luxury fashion house, they’re expensive and high-quality. 

In this article, we take a quick dive into these track shoes, showing you how to style them for the perfect sporty look.

A Peek into the Balenciaga Runner Kicks 

blue-striped balenciaga runner

As its name suggests, Balenciaga’s Runner sneakers are inspired by running shoes from the 1990s and early 2000s. They aren’t made from leather. Instead, they’re crafted from mesh and colorful nylon paneling and set on rubber soles adapted from the brand’s iconic Track sneakers.

The kicks have a deliberate, worn-out aesthetic accented by various elements merged together to give the silhouette a unified design. For instance, it incorporates hacked-up overlays, a distressed midsole, frayed edges, and visible stitches and glue, all working together to enhance its deconstructed finish for a vintage look. 

In reverence to the founder, Cristóbal Balenciaga, the brand continues to play with architectural structures while altering existing fashion aesthetics with an avant-garde finish. 

The retro track shoes come in a variety of styles such as all-black, worn-in white, multicolored, color block, and streetwear. So, if you don’t want a monochrome, solid-colored finish, experiment with multiple colorways, say a combo of pink, green, yellow, blue, red, etc., for a striking look.

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How to Recognize Original Balenciaga Runner

purple-striped balenciaga runner

Besides the features described above, Balenciaga’s Runners also have:

  • Lace-up closure
  • Printed size at the edge of the toe
  • Embossed size at the back
  • Back pull-on tab
  • Runner logo printed on the exterior
  • Balenciaga’s logo embroidered on the tongue and at the back of the heel.

Watch the video below for a close review:

How to Style Balenciaga Runner

a lady wearing a top with jeans and sneakers with yellow handbag

You style these shoes like any pair of sneakers in your wardrobe. They generally work like this:

Consider the Color of Your Pair

a lady wearing a pink sweater with jeans and sneakers

This is necessary when creating stunning outfits with these retro-inspired kicks. The clothes and accessories you’re combining with them has to match the color of the kicks to create a well-thought out ensemble.

Go Atheleisure

a lady wearing a hoodie with leggings and sneakers and yellow-blonde hair

Pair your sneakers with tracksuits, sweatpants, leggings, hoodies, and other activewear that double as casual outfits. You’ll never go wrong in and with them.

Throw on Some Denim

jeans with sneakers

What’s a pair of sneakers without denim? Jeans are the hallmark of casual wear. So, if you ever get stuck on what to wear with your Balenciaga runner kicks, wear denim trousers or a jacket paired with a tee or tank top and slay.

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Explore Chic Looks

black girl wearing a mini denim skirt with a white tank top and a pink handbag ith sneakers

Combine these shoes with dresses and skirts of all lengths, whether mini, midi, or maxi. Also, transcend outdated fashion boundaries by pairing your track shoes with tailored pants, suits, palazzos, and other workwear staples.

Create a Monochromatic Aesthetic With Your Balenciaga Runner

black balenciaga runner paired with black jeans

Just got a pair of black or white Balenciaga Runners? Use it to create an all-black or all-white outfit. Wearing monochromatic ensembles is a safe yet uber-stylish way to rock colors.

Pair Your Balenciaga Runner with Vibrant Pieces

a lady wearing a top with jeans and sneakers with yellow handbag

If you love to wear bold colors, here’s your time to shine. Pair your kicks with vibrant colors, whether they are solid-colored or multipatterned pieces. Doing this adds more visual interest to your look.

Pair Multiple Colorways with Subtle Tones 

couple rocking Balenciaga runners

Don’t wanna go overboard with colors? Not a problem. Rock your multiple-colorway sneakers with neutral-colored pieces. This way, your kicks take most of the attention.

Experiment as You Like

a guy wearing balenciaga runner

What kind of outfit would you like to create with these kicks? Go for it. You wouldn’t know if it would be a hit or miss if you didn’t try. So, whether shorts or pants, dresses or skirts, suits or African-inspired textures, there’s only one way to know—try it out!

Give Your Athleisure Pieces a Retro-Luxe Vibe with Balenciaga Runners 

a guy wearing a sweat sirt with white and blue balenciaga runner

It has become a norm for luxury houses to redefine usual staples. We’ve seen how Nike played with its kicks, birthing new versions such as the Travis Scott Dunks and the Triple Pink Dunks. The house of Balenciaga isn’t left out.

Per customer reviews, Balenciaga Runners are comfortable and breathable. They’re sturdy and they offer great ankle support and are warm enough for colder weather without overheating.  With metallic details and logo embossed finishes, these kicks inspire you to spruce up your sneaker range and create more stunning streetwear outfits.

Whether you’re going for the monochrome black or white or boosting your sporty aesthetic with the multiple colorways, carry on. You’ll surely be a deluxe stunner when you don these kicks.

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