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Triple Pink Dunks: How To Style Them Like a Fashionista

A friend of mine recently got the triple pink dunks and I couldn’t help but swoon over it. But she had one problem: What clothes combo would she throw on to bring out the beauty of these sneakers? Her dilemma was relatable because, as a fashion enthusiast,  I‘ve found myself in similar situations.

Lady on min skirt wearing the triple pink dunk

But these are triple pink dunks, for goodness’ sake. I wouldn’t let her keep the sneakers in her shoe rack without doing justice to it. And when I say justice, I mean channeling that inner fashionista. 

So, if you, like my friend, are struggling to slay your Nike Dunk Low Triple Pink, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll give you handy tips on how to rock your pink dunks like a style icon. But before we get right into it, let’s know more about these kicks.

How the Triple Pink Dunks Came to Be

Full picture of the triple pink dunk

To understand the Triple Pink Dunks phenomenon, we first need to revisit the origin of the Nike Dunk. 

Nike first designed these dunks as a basketball shoe in 1985. And as fate would have it, the kicks quickly transcended its athletic purpose to become a symbol of style and cultural significance. 

Things were quiet for the Dunk until the mid-’90s when a budding vintage sneaker scene exploded in Japan. Wanted ads in newspapers offered “cash for sneakers” prompting readers to check their basements and attics for ‘80s Nike basketball shoes with a key focus on the Nike Dunk. This spark started an explosion of retro demand that helped inform Nike’s product line into the late ‘90s. 

Over the years, the Dunk has seen numerous iterations, collaborations, and colorways. But one of the most striking and attention-grabbing developments has been the emergence of the “Triple” colorways.

Full picture of the white and black triple dunk

The triple colorway trend gained prominence with the Triple White and Triple Black Dunks. These sneakers, featuring an all-white or all-black color scheme from sole to laces, became immensely popular due to their versatility and clean aesthetics. Lovers of sneakers and casual wearers alike embraced them, thus making them a staple in many wardrobes.

Another picture of the triple pink dunk

Following the success of Triple White and Black Dunks, Nike introduced the Triple Pink Dunks, and it was an instant hit. These sneakers boast of a monochromatic pink colorway that is eye-catching and adds a bold and unique touch to any outfit. 

The vibrant and youthful appeal of these pink Dunks has made them a go-to choice for anyone looking to make a fashion statement. 

Why Triple Pink Dunks are Everywhere

Lady rocks the triple dunk with jean  pants

The gorgeous pink dunks are taking up many shelves of sneaker stores for reasons such as:

The Vibrancy 

Lady on skirt shows off her hot sneaker

The striking all-pink colorway of Triple Pink Dunks is undeniably eye-catching and adds a bold, lively touch to any outfit.


Lady takes a selfie showing off her triple pink dunk

The versatile nature of these sneakers makes them easy to style with a wide.  From casual to formal occasions, your triple pink dunks allows you to explore your inner fashionista.

You Become a Fashion Icon

Lady on army pant rocks the triple pink dunk

Triple Pink Dunks lets you make a strong fashion statement and stand out from the crowd with their unique and trendy look.

Monochromatic Appeal

Lady poses with her triple pink dunk look

The monochromatic design offers a clean and cohesive appearance, making it a favorite choice for you if you appreciate minimalist aesthetics.

The Allure of its Limited Releases

Lady on mini skirts rocks the sneaker

Limited releases and collaborations with popular designers or brands make these sneakers highly collectible. This, of course, appeals, to sneaker lovers and collectors.

Comfort and Quality

Lady takes mirror selfie with these hot look

Nike Dunks are popular for their comfort and quality construction. In addition, they ensure you not only look good but also feel comfortable while doing so.

How to Style Your Triple Pinks Dunks With Ease

Back view of a lady rocking the iconic sneakers

So you don’t face the dilemma my friend struggled with before I rescued her, here are the best ways to style these gorgeous sneakers:

Jeans and Top

Girl on jean and top shows off her iconic triple pink dunk look

The jeans and top combo has been saving lives for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, one of the easy ways of rocking these sneakers is by pairing them with a chic top and a pair of jeans. 

Another girl with jean and top shows off the triple pink dunk look

You can take the styling a notch further by wearing a crop top to reveal that belly button.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Black

Girl on black and black shows off her  hot sneakers

Throwing black pants and a top on your body and pairing them with your triple pink dunks has a way of elevating your appearance.

Another look of a girl wearing the hot sneakers

This style gives you a chic and athletic look. And if you want to further cement your status as a style queen, rock this outfit with a pink bag too.

A Pink Jacket Defines Cool

Lady on pink jacket and ripped jean wearing the iconic look

Who says you can’t rock your sneakers with a pink jacket? No one. So, if you wanna appear cool and stylish, go for it.

Another look of a lady with ripped jean rocking the sneakers

Rock those triple pink dunks with a gorgeous jacket. For more spice, pair them with ripped or distressed jeans, and watch how you transform instantly.

Show off Those Legs With a Mini Skirt

Lady with mini skirt rocks her gorgeous triple pink dunk

Yup! A mini skirt and a triple pink dunk definitely do the magic. You can choose to rock a jean skirt or a cargo skirt with your sneakers and still look hot. 

Another look of a lady rocking this skirt with sneakers

The exciting thing about these dunks is they suit almost every outfit. You just need to know how to pair them. 

Rock Those Pink Dunks with a Corset Top

Beautiful lady shows off her corset look with her triple pink dunks

Paring your sneakers with a corset takes your fashion game from casual to drop-dead gorgeous. 

lady wearing corset top, jeans and pink Jordans

You can even add a pink bag or a contrasting accessory to create a colorful outfit that turns heads.

A Pair of Bum Shorts Works Too

Lady show off her hot look with her bum shots and triple pink dunks

In case you don’t want the confines of a skirt but need to show off those legs, bum shorts will pair well with your triple pink dunks. 

Another  version of a lady rocking the look with shots

You can go for jeans, cargo, coordinated sets, or any kind of shorts. And if you want things edgy, don a pair of African-inspired ankara shorts with a solid-colored top. You’ll love your look.

Cargo Pants Too

Full look of a lady rocking the sneakers for a street wear style

Want a comfortable streetwear look

Another look of a lady rocking the sneakers with a gorgeous street wear outfits

A pair of cargo pants and these gorgeous pink dunks can help you achieve that style.

Pink Blazers Work Too

Lady shows off her sophisticated style with a blazer

You can achieve sophistication and finesse with a pair of your triple pink dunks. All you need is to throw on a blazer.

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Besides layering your outfit, blazers also help you achieve a smart-casual look, especially when paired with kicks.

Use Your Triple Pink Dunks to Create Athleisure Fits 

Lady rocks her gym wear with the sneakers

The comfort triple pink dunks offer makes it one of the perfect gym outfits you can rock anytime any day.

Another look of the sneakers for gym wear

But that’s not all. You can also pair them with your leggings and tank top, sweatpants and tees, etc. They’ll give you a great athleisure outfit that works for any casual occasion.

Triple Pink Dunks: A Stylish and Captivating Sneaker for All

Girl on crop top shows off her triple pink dunk

Triple pink dunks have left an indelible mark on the world of sneakers. These kicks are a reminder that fashion is more than fabric and stitching—it’s a form of self-expression and an art form. So, whether you’re rocking them for the love of fashion, for the thrill of collecting, or simply to feel like a walking work of art, ensure you slay them by following the tips we’ve suggested for you.

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