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22 Breathtaking Ankara Shorts for Trendy Ladies and Gents

Would you like to rep Afrocentric fashion to that casual outing on your schedule? Or is it an afro-urban look you plan to pull off? Whatever your options are, ankara shorts are perfect for informal gatherings.

They’re unisex and great for the urbane man and woman who never limit themselves when it’s time to dress up.

Furthermore, apart from flaunting your fine legs, they offer you comfort and style at a go. And because ankara prints are multicoloured, you don’t have to worry about combining many colors in your outfit.

lady wearing ankara outfit

Just slip on your shorts with a top to complement and you’re ready to go turn heads at that outing.

How to do that effortlessly is what we’ll cover in this article. So when you want to rock ankara shorts to any informal gathering, remember to consult this resource for style inspiration.

Ankara Shorts and Today’s Fashionistas

man wearing white shirt on ankara shorts

With the rate at which men rock shorts these days, you’ll think they’re competing with the female gender in the game of sexiness.

But that’s not true.

These clothes are androgynous. That is, they aren’t made for any particular gender.

What defines the feminine and masculine shorts is the cut and these days, there’s almost no difference between both.

Just as we have zippers, buttons, or suspenders on men’s shorts, we also have them on women’s ankara shorts. However, women tend to go a bit extra by rocking high-rise shorts and extremely short ones that stop right below the bum.

Regardless, shorts are comfy outfits you shouldn’t joke with. Wear them when you feel like giving your legs some air and you’ll make a fashion statement even without trying.

How to Rock Ankara Shorts Like a Fashionista

lady wearing ankara blazer on ankara shorts

Whether it’s a picnic in a lovely garden, a party at the beach, or a date in a fancy restaurant, these shorts always come in handy.

A distinct feature about ankara shorts is the fact that they are mostly bespoke.

That is, you can have yours customized to your exact fit with all the details you want. Also, depending on how you like it, you can make yours loose-fitting or tight-fitting to complement your top.

You only need a good tailor who understands body fittings and has a good sense of style.

And when you have your shorts ready, rock them in any of these ways:

1. As a Two-Piece

lady wearing ankara to and shorts with heels

Ask your tailor to make a matching top with the same ankara fabric for you. This could be a simple shirt, jacket, blouse, blazer, or any of the trending ankara tops.

man wearing ankara shirt and shorts at the beach

Two-pieces make dressing up easier. What’s more? When you get bored of wearing them as an ensemble, you can pair the top or shorts with another bottom.

lady rocking two-piece ankara outfit

To learn more about this, check out our guide on ankara two-pieces and implement the tips we shared there.

2. Pair with a Solid Color Shirt, Tee, or Turtleneck

smiling man rocking white T-shirt on ankara shorts

You can also pair your dress shirts, T-shirts, and turtleneck with your shorts. Ensure it’s a solid color so you won’t have many colors clashing and stealing the attention of your shorts.

lad wearing white tank top on ankara shorts

Go for black, white, beige, grey, and other neutral colors. To stand out some more, make the color of your shirt one of the dominant colors of your ankara shorts. This way, you look colorful without going overboard.

couple wearing matching outfits

3. Mix prints

lady wearing mixed ankara top and shorts and sneakers

Tired of the usual? Wear different ankara prints at a go. This is stylish and daring.

man wearing dashiki top on ankara shorts

And if you successfully pull this off, you’ll win everyone’s admiration—especially the fashion-savvy ones; not the ones who think mixing prints is a fashion blunder.

lady wearing mixed ankara print top and bum shorts

We have a style guide on mixing different ankara prints as an outfit. Check it out. It’ll show you how to execute this unconventional option and make a fashion statement.

4. Wear Comfy Shoes

lady wearing blazer with ankara shorts and heels

Loafers, sneakers, palm slippers, heels, etc., are great when rocked with ankara shorts.

man posing for a short in ankara outfit with white sneakers

A rule of thumb is to wear stylish shoes you’re comfortable in. We don’t want you wobbling when walking or adjusting your feet in some tight shoes.

couple wearing matching outfits with sneakers

5. Accessorize for More Accents

lady wearing ankara outfit with hat and heels and bag

Picture yourself in your shorts and top alone.

How would you look? Drab, eh?

man wearing ankara shirt and matching shorts

Now picture yourself in your shorts, top, a pair of sunglasses to block the sun, a watch on your wrist, and a hat if need be.

People will definitely turn twice to see the fashion icon strutting down their street.

lady taking mirror selfie wearing ankara outfit with a black bag

That’s the power of accessorizing. It transforms your look and crowns your styling efforts.

6. Don’t Forget to Layer

lady wearing ankara jacket with ankara shorts

This comes in handy when the weather is cold. Even when the weather is warm, feel free to add a jacket, kimono, sweater, cardigan, or any other comfy outerwear to your ankara shorts outfits.

smiling lady wearing ankara outfit with beautiful hairdo

There you have it! Now go ahead and rock your ankara shorts in style.

And if you have shorts made with fabrics other than ankara, consult our style guide on how to wear bum shorts

African lady posing in a top with ankara shorts

It’ll give you the needed confidence and show you how to turn heads while flaunting your thighs with your shorts.

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