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Latest Ankara Two-Piece Styles for the Beautiful African Woman

One lazy Friday, I woke up reluctant to go anywhere. One reason was because I had to rummage through my wardrobe before deciding on what to wear. But when I remembered I had some nice ankara two-piece outfits, my face brightened up.

It’s the same way almost every lady feels when it’s time to dress up.

What do I wear?

You ask yourself that question when in actual fact there are more than enough clothes staring back at you.

Perhaps you feel that way too when it’s time to rock some ankara asoebi styles.

Almost every other lady will be clad in a dress.

lady wearing ankara top with matching skirt

And to stand out, your style has really got to be good.

But what if you don’t wear a dress instead?

What if you wore something else?

Let’s say…Ankara two-piece?

Great idea, isn’t it?

But what exactly are ankara two-pieces?

Let’s find out together.

What are Ankara Two-Piece Outfits?

2 ladies dancing in ankara tops and skirts

Two-pieces, matching sets, or coordinated sets are separate outfits that are designed to be worn together.

From that, we can deduce that ankara two-piece outfits are co-ords made with ankara fabric.

This means that you don’t have to worry about which top or bottom to pair with your look. 

Your outfit has already been picked for you. All that’s left for you to do is to apply minimal styling with your shoes, bags, and other accessories.

And presto!

You’ll look as though you put in much effort to achieve your look.

But that’s not all.

Another sweet benefit of ankara co-ords is that you can style then separately.

For instance, if you rock both top and bottom today, you can pair either one with something else another day to achieve a different look.

You can as well layer them to add more accents to your look.

Two-pieces are one of fashion’s best inventions.

Indeed, they make dressing up effortless and better.

Ankara Two-piece Styles You Should Sew ASAP

lady posing in ankara top with matching skirt

If you don’t want to wear a dress and you don’t want to spend time thinking of what to wear, ankara two-pieces are the best option for you.

Matching sets make dressing up easier. And when it’s an ankara two-piece, you can only imagine how beautiful you’d look.

So, are you looking at slaying to that marriage ceremony?

Or is it a look for casual Friday at work?

Or something to give you another Sunday best?

Choose from any of these ankara two-piece styles, take them to your seamstress, and thank Svelte Magazine later.

1. Skirt and Blouse

lady wearing ankara crop top with matching flare skirt with slit

This ankara two-piece is common among our mothers.

But as young ladies, let’s give a chic tweak.

You can rock your ankara skirt and top in different ways.

It could be mini or midi skirts, flared, pencil, peplum, or any style you prefer.

beautiful lady wearing ankara top and short skirt

Your top can as well have any neckline and sleeve. And if you want it as a crop top, it’s not a bad idea too.

This ankara two-piece style is a great option for church depending on how modest your style is.

This doesn’t mean you can’t rock it to weddings, parties, or hangouts.

2. Top and Pants

lady wearing ankara top with palazzo

Rather than simply sewing ankara palazzo pants alone, how about you include a top too?

It doesn’t have to be only flared pants.

lady wearing ankara crop top with matching palazzo

You can have your ankara two-piece as a pair of tapered pants and top.

It’ll make a great choice for work and other formal occasions depending on the style of your outfit of course.

3. Shorts and Top

lady wearing ankara crop top with matching shorts

Need something for the beach or your casual outings?

Go for this pair.

You can easily grab on your sneakers and slay with this two-piece.

smiling lady posing in ankara top with matching shorts

Plus it doesn’t necessarily have to be a crop top with your shorts. You can go for any length of top or even a hoodie to give you an afro-urban look.

4. Ankara Suit

lady wearing ankara blazer with matching pants

A blazer with a pair of pants or skirt is the perfect ankara office wear for you.

You don’t even have to wait until it’s casual Friday to rock it.

It’s formal enough.

So, grab on your shoes and accessories and go command some respect as you ooze power at that formal occasion.

There you go with the latest ankara two-piece styles to adorn your beautiful body.

You’re permitted to add a headwear and other accessories to further elevate your look.

Go ahead and save your favourite style.

It’s our duty to ensure you look your best always.


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