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10 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Whether it’s an heirloom or one you got for yourself, jewels add that sparkle to your look. And as such, it’s important that you know how to take care of your jewelry.

But if you doubt, picture this scenario:

Let’s say you got a gold necklace that cost you $5000. And after wearing it for some time, you discovered the necklace no longer sparkled.

What do you think is the reason for that?

If I’m not mistaken, your thoughts are probably: it’s because the jewelry is fake.


That could work.

But before you applaud yourself for having a good guess, hold on.

Do you also know that not knowing how to take care of your jewelry can make them lose their sheen?

Now you know.

And that’s not all.

close up shot of hand with 2 rings and watch

Just as every type of jewelry is different, so are the ways to take care of them too.

In other news, the way you’d care for your gold necklace isn’t the same way you’d care for your stud earrings.

There’s a lot to learn about caring for jewelry from when you’re wearing them to when they’re in their safe.

Ready to know these hacks that’ll strengthen the life of your jewelry?

Let’s dive right in.

How to Care for Your Jewelry

close-up shot of necklace on a lady's neck

If you spent a fortune to purchase a piece of jewelry, you’d know better than to treat it like a piece of cake.

Everybody loves it when they buy something that serves them for long. But then they forget that it all boils down to how they take care of their properties.

If you want your jewelry to last long and you want to earn respect when you wear them, follow these tips:

1. Know when to Wear and When not to Wear

close up shot of rings, necklaces and bracelets on a lady

You may decide to wear your jewelry to a party at the pool.

That’s quite stylish.

But when it’s time to swim, take it off.

The same applies to any strenuous activity you’ll be participating in.

Hence, don’t wait until it’s bedtime before you take off your jewels. Remove them when it’s time to work in the garden, swim, play, or exercise.

2. Keep it Away from Chemicals or Wetness

close up shot of a hand with silver jewelry entering water

Your jewel should always be dry to avoid cracks, water stain, or losing its shine.

Furthermore, keep them away from your hair products, body cream, and other substances that contain chemicals

3. Store it Right

how to store you jewelry

Don’t store your jewelry in an open place. Put them in a case, safe or container that lets in little air.

And if the container is moist, place silica packets or chalk inside to absorb moisture.

In addition, only store the same types of jewel together to prevent cases of tangles or scratches.

4. Consult a Jewelry Repairer

close up shot of a jewelry repair table

If your jewel breaks, gathers grime, or loses a gem, contact a jewelry repairer.

Don’t try to do it yourself unless you’re a professional.

Let them handle it for you.

It may be expensive but it’s worth the price.

5. Check Your Necklace Clasp

necklace clasps

Always check to be sure the clasps of your necklace are intact.

They are delicate yet important. If you lose them, you won’t be able to clasp your necklaces again.

6. Hang Your Necklace to Prevent Tangles

hanging necklaces

Keeping all your necklaces together in a container can make them tangle. Instead, hang them on a wall so none roughens the other.

7. Be Mindful of Your Bracelets

close up shot of lady's arm wearing Oh bracelets

When donning your bracelets, be careful how you use your hands.

This is because any little mistake from you can cause your bracelet to fall off and that’ll be the end.

Therefore, mind your gestures and resist the urge to play with your bracelets whenever you’re bored.

8. Fasten Your Earrings Tight

close-up shot of multiple earrings on ear

Unless you want to walk about with one earring, always fasten your earrings tight.

If you don’t, they could fall off anytime and you lose the pair just like that.

9. Store Your Rings on a Jewelry Tree

jewelry tree with jewel hanging

To prevent your rings from scratching one another, place them on a jewelry tree.

It’ll help to display and separate your rings at the same time.

Moreso, try not to wear rings that are too tight or loose otherwise they’d crack or get lost faster.

10. Polish, Rather than Wash, Your Silver

polished silver jewel

Use wipes to polish your silver jewelry. It’s better than washing it.

Also, don’t keep your gold and silver jewelry together. Gold is softer and as such, silver can cratch it if they come in contact.

Above all, try as much as possible not to wear your jewelry all the time.

This is because the more you wear or use it, the easier it falls, breaks, or wears out.

lady wearing multiple rings on all fingers

Instead, rotate your jewelry and avoid wearing the same piece every day.

That aside, jewelry isn’t the only accessory that magnifies your look. We have a style guide on other accessories that can transform your outfits.

Do check it out and dress better.


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