3 Easy Tips on How to Choose the Right Products for Your Natural Hair

We all know how much of an investment natural hair is. I mean, if you aren’t prepared to spend money and go through the stress of maintaining it properly, you aren’t fit to be in the natural hair gang. This is because natural hair needs products to stay healthy. But rather than using just any product on your hair, you have to first know how to choose the right products for your natural hair. So you’ll be able to use only stuff that support the growth and overall health of your hair.

Once you know how to choose the right products for your natural hair, you’ll have hair that other ladies will be envious of. The speed at which your hair will grow long and thick will even surprise you such that you’ll never want to trade this knowledge for anything.

It’s that easy. And the tips on how to choose the right products for your natural hair are all in this article. Keep reading to see.

Why Know How to Choose the Right Products for Your Natural Hair?

Your natural hair is like a baby. It should be pampered and nourished for it to grow well. And applying just any product on it isn’t the way out so you don’t ruin the life of your hair.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be a careless naturalista. Learn how to choose the right products for your natural hair so you can have a healthier, longer and stronger hair every day.

How to Choose the Right Products for Your Natural Hair

Before picking any products for your natural hair, you have to first consider the following factors as they serve as a guide on how to choose the right products for your natural hair:

1. Know Your Hair Type

Just as it’s important for you to know your skin type before using any product, you have to first know the type of hair you have before using any product on it. Always remember that no two persons have the same hair. Sandra’s hair isn’t the same as Natasha’s and neither is it the same as yours. So what works for Sandra’s hair may not work for yours.

There are factors that can help you determine your hair type and they include:

  • Hair porosity: This is the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture.
  • Hair density: This refers to how much hair is on your scalp. That is, the thickness of your hair. If you can easily see your scalp without parting your hair, then its density is thin. If the opposite is your case, that is, there’s so much hair on your head, then your hair density is thick or high.
  • Hair diameter: This refers to the size of an individual strand of your hair. To figure out the diameter of your hair, do the strand test. If you can barely feel your hair strand, your diameter is thin. If you can slightly feel it, then it’s medium. If you can really feel the strand, then your hair has a thick diameter.
  • Hair Oiliness: This refers to how greasy your hair is.
  • Hair Elasticity: This is the extent to which a single strand of your hair can stretch before returning to its habitual state.

2. Take Note of Your Current Products

Take note of your products and the results they help you achieve. Does your hair feel soft after applying them? Do they leave residue on your hair? Is there something about some of them you don’t like? What about the things you like?

Furthermore, you should also take note of the ingredients of products you love most or hate. Take note of all these as it will guide you when next you go shopping for products so you don’t repeat the same mistake.

3. Check for the First Five Ingredients

Before settling for any product, you have to first check for the Ingredients used in manufacturing it. Most times, the first five ingredients of any product make up the highest and most active concentrations.

For instance, if your hair loves coconut oil and you see that coconut oil happens to be the number 10 or 11 ingredient used in making that hair product, don’t buy the product. This is because the coconut oil in that product is not enough to sate your hair. Instead, check for another that has coconut oil within number one to five.

Also, when checking the ingredients, be sure to check if a particular product contains an ingredient you saw among the first five ingredients of a product you love or hate. This will help you ascertain if you should buy it or not.

Always remember that there’s no particular product that works for every naturalista. You have to first figure out what works best for you by using these tips on how to choose the right products for your natural hair.

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