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Darling Hair, the Brand Ruling the Hair Space

When you hear ‘Darling’, what comes to mind? An affectionate term used in addressing people? Most definitely. But that’s not all that it is. The word no longer seems to be an endearment associated with lovers alone. It now has become a household name for everything that has to do with hair. Name the braid, wigs, weaves and other hair extensions you want; be it crotchet, kinky or what have you, Darling Hair will come through for you.

woman wearing red hair extension

Located in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, this is one of the most sought after hair brand rocking the African scene and beyond.

black wavy darling weave on a pretty lady

Their authority and repute aren’t exclusive to affluence alone. Regardless of your economic status or class, you can wear any Darling Hair product and show forth the African beauty that you are.

lady wearing brown hair extension

This is because it is one hair brand that is focused on enhancing the strength, beauty, independence and confidence of any woman.

lady wear brown curly hair extension

As you know, this brand is quite familiar among hair, Beauty and fashion enthusiasts. But shall we take a quick trip down memory lane to see how the journey began for Darling Hair?

Brief History of Darling Hair

smiling working lady wearing hair by Darling Hair

Darling Hair is manufactured by Style Industries Ltd. Back in the early 1990s in a town in Nairobi, Kenya, this hub of African hair was birthed.

The brand began with 25 staff members and five braid machines. The brand was limited to only six braids and one weave, known as Perm Calypso, all because the journey began on a tight budget.

As any startup would experience, difficulties came aboard. One of such difficulties for Darling was transportation. There was no good means for the brand to transport its hair. However, one of its delivery personnel who doubled as a marketing executive transported their products to different places using a hand-drawn cart.

smiling lady wearing blue hair extension

Regardless of the challenges, the hair company persevered on winning loyal customers one person at a time. Soon people began to recognise that the brand name ‘Darling’ stood for quality and nothing short of that.

Then in 2007, the company took a big leap by partnering with Japanese suppliers of raw materials to carry out a market survey on the quality of their products. The resulting recommendations saw the brand quality improve overnight and the market grew greatly.

This hair brand has been in the market for more than 28 years. And now it has manufacturing plants in 14 African countries.

Products of Darling Hair

woman wearing short blond hair extension

Besides manufacturing weaves, wigs, braids and other hair extensions, the company also manufactures cosmetics for hair such as braid spray, hair food, olive oil, etc.

All these are packaged in branded, labeled boxes that ensure the product is not only safe and correctly positioned but is also secured to maintain its quality and style. So whenever you open the seal, you can be rest assured nothing has been altered and your desired hairdo will still be achieved.

lady wearing brown hair extension by Darling Hair

The packaging of their products is also done in such a way that once you get hold of one, you immediately know what the product is about and how to use it. The images of the models on each pack show you exactly how you’d look once you use it to adorn your head.

black darling hair weaves

 Furthermore, there is always a step-by-step guide at the back of the pack to show you how to use the products to achieve certain looks. There are also directions on how to maintain your weaves to extend how long it lasts. All these made available at your fingertips to satisfy your hair and beauty needs.

smiling lady in a Darling silky straight weaves

Darling as a Sponsor

Darling hair as sponsors of BBNaija 2020
Darling was one of the sponsors of BBNaija 2020

Besides being a hub for hair products, this brand is also a source of employment for thousands of people in Nigeria and the other countries it is located. From those who work in its factories to the marketers, hairstylists, models, etc., the company has served and is still serving, as a means of empowerment.

Dorothy of BBNaija wearing Darling Hair
Dorothy, first runner up of BBNaija 2020 reping Darling

Speaking of empowerment, the company has also contributed to the success of society by empowering young ladies whose passion lie in the hair sphere. They give out scholarships to students and help hairdressers grow better in their art by providing them with a training platform.

Darling Hair Nigeria

The brand is also a sponsor of major fashion shows and mainstream television programmes such as Big Brother Naija.

In 2019, it was the major sponsor for Lagos Fashion Week, one of Africa’s largest fashion event. The brand took creative hairstyles to the catwalk of Lagos Fashion Week. It collaborated with renowned fashion designers and hair stylists to host a runway dedicated to showcasing a unique fusion of hair and fashion.

Darling Hair Nigeria's Independence Day ad

 Furthermore, recall that as a major sponsor of the Big Brother Naija Reality Show, the brand sends in weaves and other hair extensions to the housemates while the show is on. It also does not fail to dole out cash prizes to deserving housemates who won the games played while the show lasted. This the brand does while promoting the beauty of African women through trendy and affordable hairstyles.

beautiful lady wearing short blond hair by Darling Hair

A trip to the brand’s official website will show you that the brand is committed to giving you the trendiest styles and the highest quality of hair at the best possible price. According to its latest mantra, Darling does this just so you can “find your beautiful” wherever life takes you to.

find your beautiful by Darling Hair

The brand is living true to its mission statement which is to:

“to be a consistent world leader in the manufacturing of the highest quality hair additions, with great care being put into each look in regard to creative and innovative designs that meet the needs and style of the everyday woman of African origin; while providing an exciting, competitive, safe and friendly environment for our employees.”

Darling hair

The brand has established links with manufacturers of high-quality raw materials to birth hair products whose quality remains unrivaled. And as such, every action this company takes is geared towards meeting that inherent need in you to look good and feel great.

 So when next you desire to wear a sleek, straight, curly or colourful hairdo, remember to opt for Darling Hair. Because it’s one hair brand that assures you quality and durability while enhancing your strength, confidence and beauty as a woman.


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