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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Hair Weaves

Weaves are must-have hair staples for women who love to look good. Whether it’s human hair or synthetic, you don’t just rush to buy. You need to take a look at the things you should know before buying hair weaves.

That’s why this post is here.

Some of these things you already know but perhaps, have forgotten. But not to worry.

Since Svelte Magazine always comes through for you in terms of fashion, beauty and hair, we’ve curated the important things you should note before settling for weaves. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be rest assured that the next time you’ll go hair shopping will be worth it. No mistakes. No regrets.

And when they get old, you won’t have to trash them ’cause you’ll easily revamp your weaves to use again. So, are you ready to see what you should know before buying hair weaves? The journey isn’t a tedious one. Give us a hand as we give you a trip with this article.

What You Should Know Before Buying Hair Weaves

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The hair is a woman’s crown and to show forth its glory, every woman must carry her hair with pride. What better way to flaunt this crown on your head than to adorn it with beautiful weaves and hair extensions?

But before choosing any weave, you need to take some things into consideration so you don’t end up regretting in the long run. Hence, don’t just buy because they look good. Check out these things you should know before buying hair weaves so you can enjoy them as long as you wish.

1. Weave Quality

If your choice is human hair, you have to be certain the bundle you’re going for is authentic human hair. Go for quality brands like Darling Hair so you can be rest assured the hair you’re settling for is of utmost quality.

2. Length, Colour and Texture

Always go for hair lengths, colours and textures that you’re comfortable with. And make sure they suit your personal style too. This is very important. You should also ensure the hair suits your lifestyle and supports your day-to-day activities. It should also suit the places you’ll be wearing it to so you don’t look inappropriate. For instance, work, school, church or any other place that makes a part of your lifestyle.

3. Don’t Bond the Weaves to Your Hair

If you’re installing the weaves on your head, stay away from bonded ones. Bonding tends to suffocate your scalp and can even cause your roots to break. You wouldn’t want that, would you? So go for installation methods, like sewing, that gives your scalp room to breathe.

4. The Right Braids/Cornrows Underneath

When installing the weaves, ensure you have the right cornrows underneath. Your hairstylist should weave your natural hair into braids that support the weaves your attaching to your hair. To do this, they have to consider the shape of your head and the hairstyle you intend to wear.

Furthermore, when braiding your hair, don’t pick your edges. Try to leave as much hair around your edges lest you should damage your hairline. By doing this, you won’t feel any pain or lose any hair that could result in a receding hairline.

5. There’s a Time Limit to Wear the Weaves

It’s normal when you do a fine hairstyle, you just may not want to take it off quickly. But for the sake of the health of your hair, your weaves shouldn’t stay longer than six weeks on your head. This is to ensure that your scalp breathes properly and your hair is healthy enough to grow well.

Above all, while weaves make you beautiful, they are all but artificial enhancers. The main thing is your hair underneath it. You should always give adequate attention to your hair. When your weave is on, you can always apply a good hair cream around your hairline to protect your edges from falling out. And remember to opt for satin bonnets to retain moisture in your hair.

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