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How to Find Your Personal Style Without Consulting a Fashion Stylist

Fashion, as we all know, goes beyond moving with trends. In fact, you really don’t have to go along with trends in order to be considered fashionable. What is important is identifying your personal style and expressing it with what you wear and how you wear them. If you have little or no knowledge of what your style is, worry not about it as we’ll be showing you easy tips on how to find your personal style without consulting a wardrobe expert.

Do you see stylish individuals and admire them openly and secretly? Do you always want to dress according to who you are and how your feel? Do you want to dress better than the fashion icons you see all about Instagram?

 Then it’s time you learnt our tips on how to know your personal style.

This knowledge we’ll be sharing with you is what fashion stylists/wardrobe consultants use in making sure to dress their clients to perfection. It is what your favourite style influencers used in figuring out and developing their individual style before turning into icons that they are now.

After reading and using these tips on how to know your personal style, you can be sure you’re just one step away from becoming a renowned stylish individual.

What is Personal Style in Fashion?

Angel Obasi - Top Fashion Influencers in Nigeria

Many designers and iconic fashion enthusiasts have given their definition of personal style. In fashion, style is simply the way you express yourself through your choice of clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and the way you combine an outfit together. It involves dressing up to express who you are within.

Is there a Difference Between Fashion and Style?

Ric Hassani in ankara suit showing his personal style
Ric Hassani is always refered to as the African gentleman because of his Afrocentric fashion style

Fashion and style aren’t one and the same and they shouldn’t be taken so. Although both words are used interchangeably, they shouldn’t be regarded as the same because there are differences between them.  According to Oscar de la Ranta says,

beautiful ladies in Afro-urban style outfit with sneakers
ladies rocking trendy outfit

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable; style is more about being yourself.”

Oscar de la Ranta

Below are the differences between fashion and style:

1. Individuality

Your style is your own; it belongs to you. It is your individuality. No other person owns it but you. And while every other person in the world can have a pair of jeans, you alone own the way you choose to rock it.

In order words, fashion includes everything produced in the business of fashion while style is how you choose to wear these items. This simply means that while fashion is collective, style is individual.

2. Timelessness

Fashion has a whole lot to do with global trends. That’s why we have fashion seasons and shows. Every season comes with its trends which elapse after that season and recycles after some time. On the other hand, style has nothing to do with trends. It is timeless. In fact, those who are wont to dressing according to trends aren’t regarded as stylish; rather they are fashionable.

To be stylish, you don’t necessarily have to follow trends. You just have to have a good aesthetic sense, combine colours, clothing and accessories in remarkable ways and watch how you command respect and attention as you move about.

In the context of fashion shows, fashion is what goes on in the runway, personal style is what happens outside of it. That is, while models on the catwalk show you what’s en vogue, they don’t inject their personal style into it. Rather, the individuals who are photographed outside of the runway wearing garments from different designers any way they choose, show forth style. That is why they are usually called “street style”.

Knowing how to find your personal style, helps you figure out the types of style in fashion that best describes you. We’ve broken down into simple steps, the ways you can identify your uniqueness in fashion and explore it better. It’s high time you became true to yourself and stopped emulating how anybody dresses. Learn how to find your personal style with these simple tips.

How to Find Your Personal Style

Ebuka rocking red designed agbada - 5 Important Things You Must Know Before Wearing Agbada
Do you like Ebuka’s style?

Finding your personal style doesn’t happen at once. However, with these tips you’ll be able to figure out the clothing that works for you and stick to them.

1. Know Yourself

Rachel Zoe says that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Therefore, the first thing you have to consider if you want to know how to find your personal style is to know who you are. Man (abi woman), know thyself. Trust your instincts and wear what makes you feel super confident all the time. When you know yourself, you won’t have trouble shopping because you’ll be well abreast with the items that align with your personality.

2. Know What People Like Most About You When You Dress Up

What’s that thing people never fail to admire about you whenever you dress up? Is it the shoes you rock? The belts that adorn your waist? Or the way your clothes flatter your curves or abs? Whatever they are, they make up your style strengths so identify them. And you should always wear stuff that accentuates your strengths all the time as they’ll always look good regardless of trends.  

3. Check the Content of Your Wardrobe

Look at the clothes you have in your box or wardrobe, what pieces appeal most to you? What makes up your favourite clothes? Which accessories do you mostly prefer? Pick them out and, think about why they make you feel good.

You should also take note of items that appear repeatedly in your wardrobe. For you to have bought them again and again, it means you like that particular item. It could be sunglasses, beanie hats, wristwatches, anklets, tees, crop tops or jeans. The good thing about having repeats is that they can become your signature staple. So, whenever anyone spots it, you quickly come to mind.

4. Take Out Odd Pieces

After picking the clothes you love, select the ones that don’t really appeal to you. These ones are your odd pieces and there’s a likelihood that they don’t complement your style.

5. Look for Inspiration

Go on Pinterest or Instagram and check out the looks that appeal to you. Which influencer, blogger or celebrity has become your favourite? What makes you like them?  How they combine clothes and accessories to pull off an outfit? Or the aura they command through their poses? You can as well follow their stylists to get more inspiration. Furthermore, reading fashion magazines and blogs also provides you with inspiration. So stay inspired all the time.

6. Compile Your Inspiration into a Mood Board

Once you’ve found inspiration, compile the images as a file on your phone or computer to create a mood board. They could be in the form of saved screenshots or downloaded images. When you do this, you’ll discover the kind of outfits that comprise the images you saved. It could be full of jeans and logo tees with sneakers; bodycon or flare dresses with stilleto heels or maybe pictures of loud colour combinations.

7. Have a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of basic wardrobe staples that you can always combine to create dashing looks. They are mostly in neutral colours and are usually simple; that’s why they are basics. They include a denim jacket, black dress, sneakers, slippers, stud earrings, T-shirts, wallet and a handbag.

8. Experiment with Other Pieces You Admire

Once you’ve settled your capsule wardrobe, you can go ahead and add those extra, unique pieces you admire but haven’t tried out yet. This is called experimenting. Through experimenting, you get to find out more about the things that appeal to you and therefore express your personal style better.

9. Capture Yourself When You Look Your Best

You know there are some days you don’t want 24 hours to end without the whole world seeing what you’re wearing. During days like this, be sure to take pictures because you’ll be looking your best. These pictures will serve as a reminder whenever you lose your vibe yet you desire to look your best.

When you learn how to find your style and you don’t cease to express it, you could become an influencer in the process. And when you do become a style influencer in Nigeria or beyond, you may choose to turn your style into fashion by having a clothing line. This way, anyone who wears your designs become an expression of your style.

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