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Latest Ankara Suits Styles to Make You an African Boss

Hello, Svelte Magazine reader, welcome back to another Ankara series. While we previously showed you how to make Ankara slippers so you could add to your skillset, we also showed you quite a number of stylish Ankara jumpsuits to flaunt your shape. We observed we’ve been doling out a lot of inspiration for casual outings and that is why we’re here again to trigger your formal style with the latest Ankara suits styles.

These latest Ankara suits styles are your best bet for looking western in an African way while creating that boss lady/boss man look. This is what we mean by “making you an African boss.” Because whenever you wear any of these Ankara suits, you’ll be looking like a confident African who’s got their life in control.

Isn’t that who you aspire to be? Well, then, while you keep chasing the dream, shall we see the latest Ankara suits styles that can perfectly portray how debonair your aspirations are?

What are Ankara Suits?

man in ankara suit

As we know, a suit is an ensemble (mostly two-piece) that comprises a matching jacket and trousers designed to be worn together. Therefore, an Ankara suit is a suit made with the Ankara fabric.

Creativity and civilisation have had this fabric take up new forms and styles of clothing. Hitherto, we knew it to be our go-to for native wears. It still is though, only that it’s now been incorporated and adapted to create a blend of Afrocentric fashion and Western street style thus resulting in Afro-urban fashion.

Where Can You Wear Ankara Suits to?

man in ankara suit walking with his woman

If you want to look suit and tie, try out any of these latest Ankara suits styles. They can be worn to business meetings, weddings, cocktail parties, prom, church and any formal gathering. You could turn up to work any day of the week donning any of them to make a shift from the usual ready-made office wear you always wear. You’ll be admired, trust me, because people are used to seeing Ankara woven into skirts and blouses, short gowns or the usual up-and-down. So when you appear in a suit made with this fabric, your confidence level will skyrocket.

How to Style this outfit

Since the prints of this fabric are usually busy, you have to keep your makeup and accessories in moderation. However, if you want to add a bit of drama to your look, don a hat and watch how you grab some attention.

Also, you should wear a plain coloured tee, vest, camisole or bandeau as an innerwear. This will add more details to your look and as well tone down the busy prints and patterns of the fabric.

As a lady, opt for light makeup so you don’t distract admirers from your suit. Your earrings and other accessories should complement your entire look too. And you may want to go with a block colour handbag. For instance, you could pick a particular colour from the many colours on your fabric and make it the colour of your accessories. Or better still, stick to neutrals such as black, white, grey, brown, beige, etc. Go for any comfortable heels you like or simply flats if you don’t know how to walk comfortably in heels.

As a man, you could pick any of the must-have accessories for men to garnish up your look. Remember to keep it soft as usual. Ankara suit is a native attire and as such it should be paired with loafers, moccasin, boat shoes or shoes with no lacing. If you want to look less formal, sandals are a great choice of footwear.

Furthermore, you can go a tad unconventional by pairing your suit with sneakers. This is a great choice if you love to make fashion statement.  

Latest Ankara Suits Styles

Below are the latest Ankara suits styles to give you that African boss look. They can be mixed with plain fabric to create a mix-and-match style or sewn with just Ankara. Whichever design you choose, Ankara suits are very stylish outfits and are worth having in your wardrobe.

Therefore, we present to you new styles to show to your tailor. Be ready to screenshot as you feast your eyes on the styles below.

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