Must-have Fashion Accessories for Men

If fashion is for both genders then men should have their accessories. Men, of course, have many accessories to garnish up their outfits. It would be considered wrong to think that only women dress with accessories. Many persons think men’s accessories are trivial. Some men do not even feel comfortable wearing jewelry or any other accessories. If you’re one of those men, there’s nothing to worry about as this article is specifically going to show you some of the must-have fashion accessories for men and as well, show you how to combine them with any outfit of your choice.

Basically, accessories are little things you add to your outfit to complete it and make it more unique. They are those add-ons that throw more light on your outfit. There are many men’s accessories capable of transforming a simple shirt and a pair of trousers to a very stylish celebrity look. As you read on, don’t be reluctant to try out any of these must-have fashion accessories for men until you find the right pieces that you feel comfortable with.

10 Must-have Fashion Accessories For The Stylish Man

1. Wristwatch

Almost every man owns a wristwatch and the good thing about it is that wristwatches never go out of style. Aside from telling you what time of the day it is, a wristwatch adds that ‘classy man’ look to your outfit. Wristwatches always come in handy as they can be combined with any outfit including native wears. When choosing a wristwatch, remember that the style of your wristwatch tells a lot about you. There are basically two wristwatch trends — plain wristwatch and skeleton wristwatch.

Plain wristwatches, as the name implies, have simple and plain designs. They usually come in neutral colours which are suitable for minimalist outfits and any other casual wear.

On the other hand, skeleton watches are expensive. They add style and value to your looks but they aren’t best paired with casual outfits, rather they go better with a suit or other formal attires. You may choose to have a variety of wristwatches for you to wear any depending on the occasion that calls for it or you simply have one you can wear all the time. Whichever way, it would be better to have at least two wristwatches — one you wear casually every day and the other one for special occasions.

2. Bracelets

Bracelets have become staples for men. These must-have fashion accessories for men act as subtle details to your outfit. You can wear just one bracelet or as many as you like to create more effect. You can as well stack beaded bracelets and cord bracelets on one wrist but be sure to leave one wrist unoccupied as it isn’t fashionably right to stack your bracelets on both wrists. And if you are wearing big metal bracelets, do not wear more than one on a wrist. There are diverse styles of bracelets. Some of them are beaded, thin cord, solid metal, chain bracelets, etc. Bracelets are your surest way to enhance your style and show forth your personality as a man.

3. Rings

Rings have been stereotyped to symbolise emotional commitment such that many men aren’t confident enough to wear rings when they are yet to take a woman down the aisle.  As a man, it is very much possible for you to express your style by wearing jewelry without looking feminine in any way. When wearing rings, do not wear more than three at a time. You can even combine your ring with a matching bracelet to give you a classier look.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very stylish must-have fashion accessories for men. Initially, they were produced to protect the eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun but now they have become classy add-ons that transform your outfit from a zero rating to hundred. Sunglasses are statement pieces that you should invest in. Before shopping for sunglasses, it is important you know the types of sunglasses and how to rock them. Be sure to go for a pair of sunglasses that suits the shape of your face as this can help you look trendy as ever. If you’ve got a round face, then go for sunglasses that are rectangular in shape and if you’ve got a strong jawline, round sunglasses will look better on you. Also, you should at least own a pair of aviator or wayfarers sunglasses. These types mostly come in neutral colours which suit just any outfit and occasion.

5. Belts

Belts are everyday men’s accessories. They serve to make your trouser fit perfectly at the waist. It is advised that when in a formal environment, your belt should match the colour of your shoes while you may choose to wear mismatched shades in an informal setting.

6. Hats

Not every man has the confidence to wear a hat but this is one statement piece you should own to pull some attention to you. Even when you are dressed in a traditional attire such as etibo, woko or senator, you can pull off a hat to complete the look. Whether you are having a bad hair day or not, hats are significant must-have fashion accessories for men you should own to add a touch of personality to your outfit. For casual wear, go for beanie hats, bucket hats or baseball caps.

hat styles for men

7. Wallets

The basic purpose of wallets is to hold your money and other important items you may have such as ATM cards, identity cards and complimentary cards. For formal outfits, opt for slim wallets as bulky wallets are best used casually. The most common colours of wallets are brown, black and oxblood.

8. Shoes

Shoes aren’t necessarily accessories but they are very important pieces for men. Shoes for men are of different types just like shoes for women. There are leather shoes, flip-flops, pool sliders, sneakers, trainers and other functional footwear for men.

9. Necklace

Most men wear silver or gold necklaces with or without pendants. If you want to add a pendant to your necklace, use a simple pendant as large pendants are very much distracting. A common pendant used by men who wear necklaces is the cross-shaped pendant. It is usually small and simple except the loud blings mostly worn my music artistes.

10. Suit accessories

These are add-ons to suits. To create impact when wearing a suit, you need to add accessories to it. Some of these suit accessories are:

Pocket fillers

These must-have fashion accessories for men are otherwise known as pocket squares. Aside from being a statement piece, pocket fillers actually have a meaning they stand for — if you are seated beside a woman who is sad, offer her the pocket squares to dry her tears.

Tie Clips

Tie clips were originally designed to clip the tie to the shirt. Now they are must-have fashion accessories for men that add that extraordinary touch to your gentleman look.  Tie clips are made in a variety of styles. You can make use of gold or silver colours for formal occasions.

Ties/Bow Ties

Ties are mostly for formal occasions while bow ties are suitable for weddings, dinners and other evening events. They make you look stylish as ever.


These are buttons or studs used to hold a sleeve cuff together. Every gentleman needs at least one pair of cufflinks. They are must-have fashion accessories for men who wear shirts.

When wearing any of the must-have fashion accessories for men, keep it simple always. Simplicity itself is style. Make sure the men’s accessories you use suit your clothes. You aren’t expected to pair a tie with a polo or T-shirt neither should you make use of a belt when in a pair of joggers or sweatpants.

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