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How to Dress Casually and Still Look Good

Some days, you could wake up feeling like you don’t have energy for wardrobe matters. When those days come, resist the urge to wear just anything and get going. That could work but there’s a high chance that you won’t feel great when you do that. Instead, follow this guide on how to dress casually.

lady wearing white top and jeans

Once you do so, you’ll look good and feel good with minimum effort even though you’re casually dressed.

What is a Casual Dress Code?

man wearing red tracksuit

Casual outfits are more relaxed and comfortable. You dress casually to informal or laid-back gatherings. Such occasions could be a casual Friday at work or school, a trip to the store or an outing with friends.

Casual outfits include informal attire such as jeans, tees, jackets, cardigans, dresses, sneakers, skirts, sling bags, sandals, palm slippers, hoodies, crochet outfits, crop tops, shorts, etc.

How to Dress Casually and Still Look Great

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If you want to know how to dress casually and still look ravishing, follow these tips to the teeth:

1. Remember Comfort is Key

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As stated earlier, casual outfits are usually relaxed, laid-back, and most importantly, comfy. Go for clothes that fit and are comfortable too.

For instance, if you’ve chosen jeans and tee, ensure your jeans fit right. Follow the ways to recognize original jeans so you don’t buy something that won’t last.

In the same vein, you should be super comfortable in your T-shirt. Whether it’s loose-fitting or tight-fitting, you don’t want to appear like you were forced to wear it.

2. When in Doubt, Layer!

lady layering with black jacket and jeans

Another tip on how to dress casually and still feel great is layering.

When you feel like something is left out, grab on your jacket, coat or cardigan and layer your outfit. It is no longer secret what layering achieves for you.

man dressing out in casual suit

It adds accent to your outfit, sharpens your look and most importantly, you look more stylish.

So, when in doubt, don’t think twice.

Just layer your outfit.

3. Mix Prints and Textures

man stepping out in casual outfit

If you’re putting on joggers for instance, you can pair with a cotton tee. Or maybe, jeans with a lightweight top. 

Moreso, another tip on how to dress casually and still feel great is to mix prints.

lady mixing related color prints

 Don’t just wear plain tops and bottoms. Add some polka dots, floral prints, graphic tees, gingham, stripes, plaid, etc. They’ll solidify your look.

Go ahead and mix textures and prints in your attire. It’ll create variety in your look.

4. Wear More Colours

lady wearing multi colored dress

Although casual dressing incorporates relaxed outfits, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear more colours. 

According to Kendra Cherry and Steven Gans of Very Well Mind, colour influences your mood and psychology.

Falz and friend stepping out casually

So, whenever you feel dull and you want to go casual, wear more colours to brighten your mood. You’ll feel great afterwards.

5. Wear Good Shoes

ladies casual outing

Your shoes have a lot to say about your personality. At least, that’s what a report from the University of Kansas and Wellesley College says.

Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean you should care less about your shoes.

man pairing white shirt with print trouser

 Grab on those kicks.

Wear nice flip-flops or sandals.

Give some attention to your feet because what you wear there not only says a lot about you; it also reveals your taste too.

6. Accessorize

lady siting on grass wearing scarf and other casual wear

Accessories are those little add-ons that magnify your entire look. Never forget to wear them. That is, tie a scarf around your neck or hair; put on your sunglasses; add your jewelry. They elevate your look.

guy wearing casual oufit

After following these tips and donning your accessories, anyone who sees you would feel like it cost you much effort to look that good.

plus sized lady stepping out in casual outfit

They wouldn’t know that all you did was to read this article and practise all stated herein.

guys in winter jackets

That aside, did you know that you can combine casual with formal to create business casual or smart casual looks? To know more, check out the types of outfits for different occasions.

lady wearing a simple casual outfit
lady wearing layering over jeans and white tees
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