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Different Types of Shoes for Women in the Market

There are many types of shoes for women; little wonder men keep saying a woman’s wardrobe is always complicated. Women’s footwear are known to not only be beautiful but to also serve their various functions. Each of these footwear has its own history and identity of which many women do not know about.

When it comes to shopping women’s footwear, many questions come into mind. Some of these considerations are “What style of shoe do I buy? What kind of outfits will they go with? How will I combine them stylishly with my outfits?  What is the appropriate height of heel for me?

We cannot guarantee answering those questions but we sure can help you with something else — knowledge of the types of shoes for women in the market. So when next you want to go shopping for women’s footwear, be sure to go through this list of shoes for women and know the names of the exact women’s footwear you have in mind to buy.

Different Types of Shoes for Women

For ease of understanding, the different types of shoes for women are classified into four and they are:

  • Flats
  • Heels
  • Sport shoes
  • Boots


1. Stiletto

black stiletto heels - Types of Shoes for Women

Stiletto heels are usually thin and high. They can be worn to work, church, parties, club or anywhere depending on the comfort of the lady.

Some women do not feel comfortable walking in stilettos because of the thinness of the heel but there’s this aura of confidence it adds to a woman’s outfit so long as she can walk confidently and comfortably in it.

Stilettos vary from 1 to 10 inches. They can be worn with long dresses, short dresses, midi skirts, short skirts, jeans and shirts, peplum top and what have you.

2. Wedge

white wedge for brides - Types of Shoes for Women

You need heels that give you comfort? Then wear a pair of wedges. Wedges don’t give the feet pain; they make your feet so comfortable that you almost forget you’re on heels.

There are usually no partition between the sole and the heel of wedges; a single piece of material serves as both the sole and the heel. You can wear wedges with any outfit of your choice.

3. Pumps

oxblood high heels pumps with bows

Pumps are another types of shoes for women that come in a variety of colours. It is a multi-purpose heel unlike others which are strictly party wear, formal wear or casual shoes. You can wear a pair of pumps to parties with skirts, jeans or a short dress.

4. Court Shoes

classy  court shoes - Types of Shoes for Women

Court shoes are formal shoes and as such they are usually worn to formal occasions. The heels are lower than those of pumps and are of medium height with a pointed toe. The top line of court heels sits low down on the foot.

Court heels are usually of colours such as black, white, brown, peach, and beige. These types of shoes for women can be worn with any formal attire for a formal occasion.

5. Block Heels

black block heels - Types of Shoes for Women

These are square-shaped heeled shoes for women. They are very comfortable and do not hurt the feet at all. You can rock them to any destination with jeans, skirts, tunics or dresses of any sort.

6. Peep Toes

black peep toes heels - Types of Shoes for Women

Peep toes, as the name implies, are heeled shoes for women which have a space in the front to flaunt the toes. Your feet will look nicer in a pair of peep toes if you have your nail polish on.

Peep toes can be stiletto, wedges or platform. What differentiates them from others is the space in front to peep at the toes. They can be worn to any occasion with jeans, skirts or what have you.

7. Platform

white platform shoes - Types of Shoes for Women

Platform heels have thick soles and they range from 1-4 inches. They are very comfortable shoes for women because of their thick soles. They can be worn with any outfit but aren’t suitable for formal attires.

8. Kitten Heels

glod kitten heels sandals - Types of Shoes for Women

Kitten heels are from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches high. Basically, they are below 2 inches. They have the same shape and making of pumps. Just like court heels, kitten heels are formal shoes and are best worn to formal occasions.


1. Flip-flops

black flip flop slippers - Types of Shoes for Women

Flip-flops are casual women footwear. They are made with foam soles with plastic toe support in the middle. They can be worn to the beach, pool or worn around the house. You do not have to worry about what to wear that will match flip-flops. They are very casual and can go with any casual look most especially swimwear.

2. Loafers

leather female loafers - Types of Shoes for Women

Loafers are very comfortable formal shoes for women. They can easily be slipped on as they have elasticated panels on both sides which makes it needless for fastenings or laces. Loafers are very chic shoes. Merely slipping them on makes you look very great. They can be worn with A-line skirts, pencil skirts, shirts, crop top or tank top.

3. Ballerina

ballerina flat shoes - Types of Shoes for Women

Ballerinas are very flat shoes usually round in the front. They are everyday women footwear. Ballerinas can serve as a match for a casual or formal outfit. They usually come in different prints, patterns and colours that make them so irresistible not to be in one’s wardrobe.

Ballerinas are very flexible and comfortable shoes for women. Their soles curve when you aren’t wearing them and are thicker than those of sandals. They can be worn to anywhere with jeans, skirts, tops or frill dresses.

4. Sandals

flat sandals with flower beads - Types of Shoes for Women

Almost every woman has got a pair of sandals in her wardrobe. Sandals have straps that hold the feet to the sole. This type of shoes for women usually come in different patterns and styles. They are casual women footwear and can be worn with outfits such as jeans, shorts, tank top, crop top, skirts, dresses, etc.

5. Gladiator Sandals

leather gladiator sandals - Types of Shoes for Women

Gladiator sandals were inspired by ancient Greece. They have straps that cover the entire foot and a flat sole which makes them resemble a cage. Gladiator sandals are very comfortable and flexible types of shoes for women as they can be worn with any skirt, shorts and top.

6. Brogues

leather brogues for women - Types of Shoes for Women

Initially, brogues were formal shoes for men alone. Nowadays, brogues are among the different types of shoes for women. They fall under the category of flats but look more formal than the ballerina shoes.

Brogues add a masculine effect to feminine looks. They are more common in black or brown but can as well be picked in different colours. Brogues can be worn to any formal gathering with formal attire.

7. Lace Ups

leopard print flat shoes with lace ups

The types of shoes for women that come with fasteners, particularly laces, are called lace-ups. Lace-up can be in the form of ballerinas, brogues, loafers, etc. They have an adjustable fastener that can be loosened or tightened to suit your feet. They can be worn to work or any form of gathering.

8. Mules

brown flat mules

Mules have open backs with a closed front. These types of shoes for women are suitable for slipping on and off. They are more casual than closed shoes but are more supportive than flip-flops.

Sport Shoes

1. Sneakers

white sneakers - women's footwear

Sneakers are casual footwear that usually have a soft sole. They may or may not have laces. Sneakers can be worn to complement a casual outfit, athleisure or activewear. They can even be worn to the gym in place trainers.

2. Trainers

white trainers - women's footwear

Trainers are particularly made for sports. These types of shoes for women are designed to be used while training at the gym.

They are very comfortable for running, jogging, yoga and other sports activities. They are best worn with activewear. When you go trainers shopping, be sure to get a pair that has strong soles.

3. Canvas

pink and white canvas - women's footwear

 Canvas are made from the fabric called canvas mostly used by painters. They are a great choice for casual wear. They come in different patterns. Canvas usually has laces and they are best worn with a pair of jeans or shorts and a t-shirt.


1. Gladiator Boots

leather gladiator boots - women's footwear

There are gladiator sandals and there are gladiator boots. Gladiator boots are a mixture of gladiator sandals and boots. They are higher in length than the sandals and come up to the calf muscles. They can be worn with skirt, shorts, jeans and a crop top or off-shoulder top to a vacation.

2. Ankle Boots

brown ankle boots with heels - women's footwear

Ankles boots are boots that reach your ankle. They come in a variety of styles mostly Chelsea boots and Pixie boots. Chelsea boots usually have a flat top line and the side panels are elasticated.

Pixie boots have cute pointed toes just like pixies. They can be worn with a pair of tailored trousers, jeans, or skirts. When wearing ankle boots, fold your jeans so your ankles are visible. This creates a very stylish look.

3. Chelsea Boots

black chelsea boots - women's footwear

Chelsea boots have elasticated side panels. They are named after the prominent district of London, Chelsea. The design emerged in the 1850s and was made popular in 1960s. There is always fabric at the back to pull the boot up. You can always wear them with formal or casual outfits.

4. Military Boots

dark military boots - women's footwear

Military boots, as the name implies are inspired by boots worn in the military. They provide grip, stability for the ankles, and protect the feet when in a rough environment.

Military boots are firm and have laces at the front that go all the way up. Military boots makes you look tough. They mostly come in black colour and look super cool with a tomboy outfit.

5. Wellington Boots

wellington boots - Types of Shoes for Women

Wellington boots are thick, rubber or plastic waterproof boots with fat soles that are suitable for rainy, muddy or swampy environment.

These types of shoes for women come in different colours suitable for any outfit. Wellington boots prevent your feet from getting wet; they are also a stylish pair to rock in rainy seasons.

These are the many different types of shoes for women. I can bet you just added a lot to your repertoire of knowledge on women’s footwear so next time you’ll be going shopping for shoes, you’ll know exactly what you want and how it looks like.

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