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7 Stylish Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

Skirt trends come and go but some have stayed long enough to become wardrobe staples. An example is the midi skirt. Whether you’re off to work or a party, midi skirts are versatile for any occasion. To encourage you to wear a midi skirt this week, we’ve curated seven stylish ways to rock a midi skirt for you. If you’ve run out of inspiration on how to style your midi skirts, then you should stay glued to this post.

lady in a black top and a colorful pleated midi skirt

For starters, midi skirts are a type of skirt with lengths that are in between that of a mini skirt and a maxi skirt. It is a long skirt that comes down to mid-calf. British actress, Audrey Hepburn, popularised this type of skirt in the 1950s. The skirt remains popular today and can be styled in different ways.

How to Rock a Midi Skirt

light-blue top on yellow flair midi skirt

To know how to rock a midi skirt, there are certain things you need to take into consideration such as the colour of midi skirt, your body type, shoes to pair with, etc. So shall we?

1. Pick a Befitting Colour

shirt on jean midi skirt - 7 Stylish Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are available in variety of materials and styles. There are denim midi skirts, velvet midi skirts, button-down midi skirts, etc.

If you want to stay safe (no pun intended), you can wear midi skirts with colours such as black, beige, nude, navy, light pink, silver or gold. These colours allow flexibility as you can rock many looks while wearing the same skirt. But if you like to explore, then go for sequence details and bold prints such as animal prints, polka dots, chequered, etc.

dark-green crop top on midi skirt.

2. Consider Your Body Type

white sweater on a black and white polka midi skirt

The length of a midi skirt is supposed to be at mid-calf. But depending on your height, it may not be easy for you to get a midi skirt that reaches that length. To salvage this, you can opt for something shorter.

Furthermore, midi skirts can make a short lady look even shorter. If you are petite, you should wear a midi skirt that goes just below the knee rather than to the mid-calf. This will still be regarded as a midi skirt and won’t make you look any shorter.

top with orange-midi-skirt

3. Pick a Fitted or Loose Midi skirt

white top and print midi skirt

Do you like your midi skirts tight-fitting or loose? Whichever way, both are great options for casual and formal occasions. But a fitted midi skirt is more flexible as it can achieve any type of look depending on how you pair it.

4. Ensure the Skirt Snugs Up at the Waist

blue top and peach midi skirt - 7 Stylish Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are designed to give your waist a slim effect while accentuating your curves. To achieve this, your midi skirt should fit snugly at the waist. You can wear a belt to ensure this or take the skirt to a tailor for adjustments to have the skirt fit perfectly when it is pulled up to the slimmest part of your waist. If you can use a sewing machine, then make the adjustment yourself.

5. Get Creative With Your Top

white top with black midi skirt

When wearing a midi skirt, try a variety of tops so you can stand out from the crowd. If you choose to wear an oversized shirt or sweater, then you should tuck it in, loosen it up or tie it around your waist. Tucking in an oversized shirt gives you that professional vibe.

Still on professional, wear a button-down shirt and tuck in as this makes a good option for workwear. You can wear button-downs with a loose or fitted midi skirt.

For a great casual look, wear your midi skirt with T-shirts, polo or crop top if you want to flaunt your midriff.

When wearing tops with your midi skirt, go for neutrals or shades that flatter your skin tone. You can as well opt for bold colours like green, orange or yellow. Just pick one shade and pair with your skirt. Also, you can as well wear a loose jacket or one that tightens around the waist.

Most importantly, you should keep your top simple and let your midi skirt be the focus of attention.

white top on dark midi skirt.

6. Your Shoes Matter

white top and print midi skirt - 7 Stylish Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

The shoes you wear can make or break your outfit. You can start by wearing your midi skirt with flats, sandals, sneakers, heels or ankle-length boots. Sneakers give you that sporty, on-the-go look. Opt for sneakers with simple design and one colour. Heels, be it stiletto or chunky, give you that confident carriage especially when combined with a formal attire. Boots too can be all fun. You don’t have to wear long boots as ankle-length boots too are fashionable pieces, timeless and comfy enough for cool seasons.

Whichever shoe you decide to wear with your midi skirt, let it be one that is appropriate enough to balance out your look and captivating enough to draw eyes to the lower part of your outfit.

7. Sprinkle a Bit of Magic With Accessories

brown to on pleated skirt - 7 Stylish Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

Presto! Now you know how to rock a midi skirt. I’m pretty sure these stylish ways curated here have shown you how to style a midi skirt with little or no effort. Midi skirts are classic options for any season. You can always experiment the same midi skirts with other pieces in your wardrobe to achieve a new look that suits your style every time you wear it.

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