How to Get That Killer Casual Look with Sneakers

Some time ago, sneakers were seen as footwear for sports activities alone. The sight of a man dressed in a tuxedo but wearing a sports shoe or a lady rocking a short gown with sports footwear used to be more of an eyesore than a fashion statement. Such notions are gradually going extinct and if you still think that way, you probably aren’t moving along with the tides of trends.

Sneakers have evolved past the sporty feel usually attached to it. They are now staples in every person’s wardrobe especially when the aim is to get a killer casual look. With classic designer labels like Nike and Adidas saturating the market with beautiful modernized shoes which I’d describe as innovative, one can only include them as the perfect complement to any outfit.

If you’re thinking of going without your usual shoes or heels, here are some ways you can get that killer casual look with sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa.

white sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

Sports shoe with a figure-hugging midi dress isn’t a bad idea –  Toke Makinwa just said so. You can as well add a pair of sunglasses and a statement bag, as she did, to complete the look.

white sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

Denim bum shorts, white tee, handbag and yes, sneakers is just another way to achieve that killer casual look.

pink sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

Wanna feel sporty? A pair of statement sports shoes with activewear is the best bet.

orange sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

Back to denim! Sneakers with a mini denim skirt and a white top is as good as hot.

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white sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

What about a midi denim skirt completed with an orange turtle-neck top, befitting handbag and of course, a pair of sports shoes?

oxblood sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

What better way to style a white shirt-dress casually other than with sneakers? It gives you a touch of dazzling sophistication.

red sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

Elevate your sports shoes by wearing a structured oversized coat on a tight-fitting black gown to create a classy look.

black sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

Denim never fails to make you look stylish but when you complement it with a faux fur jacket and sneakers, you leave ‘me speechless.

blue sneakers as styled by Toke Makinwa

Look comfortable and cool in a pair of sweatpants and blue sneakers.

Those are your best bet to getting that killer casual look.

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