Fashion Illustrations by Paul Jr Ogbomo

The business of fashion is pretty much vast. In this industry alone are a variety of occupations ranging from designers to stylists, illustrators, tailors, retailers, influencers, models, etc. You’ve probably heard more about fashion designers and models than fashion illustrators. That’s because fashion illustrators are the unsung heroes of many of the badass designs you see. Nigeria has got many of these fashion illustrators making a name for themselves and Paul Jr Ogbomo is one of them.

Paul Jr is an artist just like every other fashion illustrator. He derives his inspiration from African culture and Western lifestyle. Spending time on Instagram has enabled him grab a thing or two from other designers, thus becoming better in his art.

His illustrations have gotten to bloggers, designers and tailors in several countries like Ghana, Swaziland, Cameroon, Zambia, India, USA, Estonia, etc.

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Scroll to see some of his illustrations and you can as well follow Paul Ogbomo on Instagram.

Victoria B. Willie

Victoria Willie is a writer, entrepreneur and a fashion enthusiast who believes in the power of imaginations. She derives pleasure in reading, writing and meeting new people.

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