Latest Ankara Styles Your Tailor Hasn’t Shown You Yet

Will our ankara fabric ever go extinct? I’d say a very big NO to that. I mean, is that even a question? With the rate at which the latest ankara styles are coming up every minute, I am forced to believe that even by the next century, it will be so normalized that it’ll no longer be regarded as a native wear but a ready-made fabric.

woman rocking the Latest Ankara Styles

The ankara material is one of the lubricants of the wheels of the African fashion industry. With a shift from the initial Aso ebi purpose (custom-made pieces) to a ready-to-wear retail purpose, the commercial value of the fabric has increased over the years.   

Latest Ankara Styles

Ankara has evolved from being on mannequins in local stores to being modeled on western runways among the collections of top designer labels. An example is the Dior 2020 Cruise Collection.

lady rocking ankara kimono - Latest Ankara Styles

When you think you’ve seen enough of the versatility of ankara prints, new trends and creative styles emerge making you say for certain that the latest ankara styles are actually how fashion newsmakers want you to wear this fabric.

The striking thing about this is that even with the way the fabric has been modernized with contemporary designs, it still doesn’t lose its African feel but rather gives you a rare opportunity to flaunt the dynamism and versatility of the African culture.

Talking about creative styles for ankara, the bi-print trend is one style that fascinates me. You know, you can actually combine different ankara prints and still make much sense. You can even combine more than two prints and slay like never before. If you doubt, check out the works of designers like Lisa Folawiyo and have yourself enthralled.

The good thing about the latest ankara styles emerging every day is that you can easily find them, thanks to the Internet and social media. Remember when you used to buy fashion catalogues just to pick a catchy style for your seamstress? Now, with Instagram or Pinterest and just enough data, you can have as many styles on your phone to inspire your next ankara dress.

Nevertheless, I don’t want you to go through that stress, that is why I’ve compiled some of the latest ankara styles your tailor hasn’t shown you yet. Do scroll down and feed your eyes.


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