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Latest Ankara Styles Your Tailor Hasn’t Shown You Yet

Will our ankara fabric ever go extinct? I’d say a very big NO to that. I mean, is that even a question? With the rate at which the latest ankara styles are coming up every minute, I am forced to believe that even by the next century, it’ll no longer be regarded as a native wear but a ready-made fabric.

The ankara material is one of the lubricants of the wheels of the African fashion industry. With a shift from the initial custom-made pieces to a ready-to-wear retail purpose, the commercial value of the fabric has increased over the years.   

Ankara has evolved from being on mannequins in local stores to being modeled on western runways among the collections of top designer labels. An example is the Dior 2020 Cruise Collection.

When you think you’ve seen enough of the versatility of ankara prints, new trends and creative styles emerge making you say for certain that these ankara styles are actually how fashion newsmakers want you to wear this fabric.

The striking thing about this is that even with the way the fabric has been modernized with contemporary designs, it still doesn’t lose its African feel. But rather, it gives you a rare opportunity to flaunt the dynamism and versatility of the African culture.

Latest Ankara Styles Every Fashionista Should Wear

mother and daughter rocking different ankara styles with same print

The good thing about the latest ankara styles emerging every day is that you can easily find them —thanks to the Internet and social media. 

Remember when you used to buy fashion catalogues just to pick a catchy style for your seamstress? Now, with Instagram or Pinterest and just enough data, you can have as many styles on your phone to inspire your next ankara dress.

Nevertheless, we don’t want you to go through the stress of sourcing for the styles. And that’s why we compiled these latest styles your tailor hasn’t shown you yet. 

Do scroll down and feed your eyes.

1. Ankara Mix and Match

lady mixing different ankara prints

There are many options for these latest ankara styles. For instance you can actually combine different ankara prints and still make much sense. You can even combine more than two prints and slay like never before. If you doubt, check out our style guide on mixing different ankara prints and have yourself enthralled.

lady's dress combines ankara with jeans

Furthermore, you can as well mix your ankara fabric with other fabrics. For instance, you can try out ankara and lace combination styles or go for ankara and jeans combination. There are also ankara and net styles that make up the très chic ankara styles you should rock.

lady's dress combines ankara and white lace
lady wearing a dress made with ankara and net

2. Ankara Tops

smiling lady wearing ankara top with black pants

If you need the perfect match for your skirts and trousers, wear ankara tops. Since they are multicoloured, they give more life to your bottoms even if it’s a dark-coloured one.

lady wearing ankara top with jeans

Ankara tops are of different types. They range from smock tops to peplum tops, ruffle tops, high-low tops, etc. To get inspired on the next ankara top to add to your wardrobe, check out these ankara tops styles we curated for you.

3. Ankara Asoebi

lady wearing ankara dress for aso ebi

These styles come in handy when it’s time for weddings, funerals and other social occasions. We’ve got a catalogue of trendy ankara asoebi styles. Do check them out so you can slay at your next Owambe. 

lady wearing ankara aso ebi outfit

4. Ankara Styles for Men

Guy wearing ankara shirt and shorts

Ankara also serve as native wears for men. And as such there are many styles to choose from to be that urbane man you intend to be. They include suits, two-pieces trousers, shirts, etc. 

3 men wearing ankara suit

We’ve curated a post to show you the ankara styles for men. Need some inspo? Check it out right away.

5. Ankara Styles for Ladies With Big Tummy

plus sized lady wearing ankara wrap gown to hide belly fat

If you aren’t in the flat tummy gang and you need styles that will hide your big belly, go for these ankara styles. They’ll conceal your belly and side fat and ensure you look as stylish as ever too.

lady wearing ankara dress to cover her belly

It is not enough to choose any of the latest ankara styles without considering if it suits your shape. One way to ensure this is by going for the ankara styles for ladies with big tummy such as peplum, shift dress, wrap dress, etc.

6. Ankara Palazzo

lady wearing ankara palazzo with green top

These are palazzo pants made with ankara. They are very wide flared trousers with loose wide legs that flare out from the waist. 

You can make your ankara palazzo a two-piece so you can rock both trouser and top together or separately. However, if your fabric isn’t enough, you can as well sew just the pants alone.

mother and daugther rocking ankara palazzos with matching tops

Once you know how to rock palazzo pants, you’ll definitely look great whenever you wear ankara palazzo. 

7. Ankara Kimono

lady wearing ankara kimono

If you need something to layer your outfit and add more accents to your look, go for ankara kimono styles. They are beautiful, chic and great enough to be paired with just anything be it bikini, jeans, dress or shorts.

smiling lady wearing ankara kimono

8. Ankara Dresses

pretty lady wearing ankara long gown

Ankara long gowns, midi dresses and ankara short gowns fall into this category. They help to flaunt your shape, protect your legs and as well showcase your legs.

2 ladies wearing ankara short gowns

However, before you decide on the ankara dress you want to sew, you should ensure it suits your personal style and offers you comfort too.

9. Ankara Office Wear

boss lady dressed in ankara suit for work

Need something for the office? Leave your ready-made outfits for a second and try these styles that serve as workwear. Ankara suits and other ankara office wear are a perfect choice for the office. Add them to your wardrobe and be that versatile fashionista.

lady wearing ankara long gown at the office

10. Ankara Jumpsuits

lady wearing a beautiful ankara jumpsuit

Need something that will frame your figure? Try ankara jumpsuits. They are one-piece clothing that incorporates a pair of pants and a top made with Ankara fabric.

lady wearing ankara jumpsuit

The latest ankara jumpsuits styles on our e-zine weren’t just chosen because they look good. They’ve passed the test of our style discernment. Thus, we guarantee that if you pull off any of them, they’ll frame and flaunt your figure instantly. 

There you go with the latest ankara styles to enhance your African style. If you’ll also like to know how to wear this African fabric and stand out, check out these ankara styles for ladies.

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