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Latest Ankara Kimono Styles to Layer Your Dresses

How versatile can any fabric be! From custom-made dresses to ready-to-wear, the Ankara fabric has evolved from being that African print used in making native wears alone. You can have it made into any design of your choice including the latest Ankara kimono styles.

lady wearing hip-length ankara kimono

If you want to rock your jeans, skirts and tops with a touch of African print, try donning any of the latest Ankara kimono styles. They are a great choice for layering your outfits to achieve that effortless chic look.

lady wearing kimono and matching ankara top

To help you with this, we’ve curated the best of the latest Ankara Kimono styles as style inspo for you.

As usual, go through them and remember to screenshot and download the ones that catch your fancy.

What is an Ankara Kimono?

lady rocking ankara kimono

Traditionally, a kimono is a Japanese robe-like garment which wraps around the body. It has been merged with modern-day fashion and is now generally worn during formal and casual occasions.

lady wearing black kimono lined with ankara material

In essence, an Ankara kimono is a kimono made with the Ankara fabric. It is usually colourful with different patterns as a result of the fabric used.

Why Wear the Latest Kimono Styles?

lady wearing ankara kimono on black top and ripped jeans

They can be worn to just anywhere be it a business meeting, wedding, red carpet events, dates, casual outings or what have you.

lady wearing long ankara kimono on a black ripped jeans

They are also versatile, making them great options to be paired with just any type of tops, bottoms and accessories.

lady rocking ankara kimono with black top and short jeans skirt with white sneakers

Furthermore, you can use a kimono to highlight or tone down your dressing. And they also serve you well for cases when you want to kill two birds with a stone.

lady wearing traditional ankara kimono

 For instance, if you have a casual outing with your girls and a date afterwards, you can wear your hot dress and layer with a kimono. This way, you hide your hot look from the prying eyes of people and save it for your date alone.

lady wearing a bright colored ankara kimono on a black dress

How to Style the Latest Ankara Kimono Styles

lady wearing yellow ankara kimono on jeans

As mentioned earlier, these pieces are versatile pieces. They can go with just anything.

lady rocking a full-length ankara kimono

You can rock your kimono with an all-black ensemble. That is, if your outfit is all shades of black, you can add colour to it by putting on a kimono. And with the multicolor of the Ankara fabric, you do this with ease.

lady rocking a heel-length kimono over an all-white outfit

You can also style it with an all-white ensemble. This way, you add a new array of colours to your white look.

lady wearing ankara kimono on jeans and sitting on steps

Furthermore, your kimono can go well with your jeans and tees or other tops. They add more life to your look since jeans is a basic outfit.

lady rocking ankara kimono on a short black dress

In the same vein, you can layer your shorts and sleeveless dresses with a kimono. This way you achieve a casual outfit or one that can be worn to formal gatherings.

lady in white top and jeans bump shorts with ankara kimono to layer

If you’re at the beach or swimming pool and you don’t feel comfortable flaunting your backside in a swimsuit, grab on your kimono to layer your swimsuit. By doing this, you don’t just cover your body up; you even look more stylish and hotter.

Whichever way you choose to style your kimono, garnish up your look with jewelry, a hat and a pair of heels, flats or sneakers. The shoes you wear depend on the look you want to achieve. Just know what you want and go for it

Latest Ankara Kimono Styles

Below are the latest Ankara kimono styles. Go ahead and feast your eyes.

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