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Ankara Fashion for Men: 42 Styles You Don’t Wanna Miss

What shall it profit a man who slays in suits and streetwear but snoozes when it comes to native wear? Absolutely nothing. As a man, you should have the best of both worlds when it comes to western and Afrocentric fashion. This means you not only look dapper in suits or jeans but also kill the show in ankara fashion for men, senator styles, or other African traditional fits.

a guy wearing a pair of ankara shorts and a tee insde

But getting the right ankara styles for men that will suit you can be so much work. It becomes worse if you don’t see yourself as a “fashion guy” but still need to look your best at that event. Not to worry though. This piece you’re reading has got you covered. Here, you’ll find the latest ankara styles for cute dudes like you.

All you need to do is to save anyone that catches your fancy and show it to your tailor to recreate.

Ankara Fashion for Men is a Hit

a guy wearing a pair of ankara pants with a shirt

Most articles on the current ankara styles focus on women. I’m not gonna deny how guilty I am about that. The last ankara piece we published on Svelte Magazine was on women’s style. This can make you wonder, why women always? Don’t men don ankara fabrics too?

Of course, they do. And though menswear may not be as complex or vast as women’s fashion, it still is worth the hype. So if you just got a new ankara fabric but can’t seem to decide on the perfect style to take to your tailor, think no further. As I said, you’re on the right page.

Latest Ankara Styles for Men Who Love to Slay

A man donning an African-inspired two-piece and a hat as Ankara fashion for men

These styles can be achieved with your ankara fabric combined with another ankara or plain fabric. Here they are:

Ankara Two-Pieces

a man rocking ankara fashion for men while holding a bag

This comprises a pair of shorts or pants made with ankara fabric and paired with a top of the same fabric. Beyond tops and pants, ankara two-pieces can also come as suits, that is, a jacket and pair of pants.

The good thing about two-pieces is that you can always rock them together as an ensemble or switch things up by pairing either the top or bottoms with another top or bottom.

Ankara Fashion for Men as Tops

a guy wearing a mix and match ankara top as ankara fashion for men

This includes every top you wear made with ankara fabrics such as:

Ankara Dashiki

a guy wearing dashiki as ankara fashion for men

This loose shirt It is a great casual and semi-formal wear that offers comfort and style simultaneously. When in doubt, use your african textile to make one and pair with any color of pants or shorts that match the prints of your shirt.


a guy wearing blazers as ankara fashion for men

If you’d love to don a suit but want to keep things African, make a blazer with your African-inspired fabric. For this, you’ll need a tailor with great sartorial skills to pull off the complexities of a suit jacket or blazer. Do this and pair your blazer with a neutral or bold-coored pants that matches your fabrics. Or better still, consult our guide on how to wear a blazer so you don’t run out of options.

Long or Short Sleeved Tops

a guy wearing a short-sleeved ahirt as ankara fashion for men

You can also make a short, three-quarter, or long-sleeved top as a two-piece or one-off clothing.

Collared Shirts

a guy wearing a long-sleeved shirt as ankara fashion for men

Ankara fabric is versatile. So, if you don’t want a mere round-necked top, go for a button-down/up shirt. You’ll still get that dapper business casual look.


a guy wearing an ankara tee

Who says you can’t create an ankara t-shirt? That person probably hasn’t come across afro-urban fashion. This isn’t hard; you just need to lace certain parts of your tee like the neckline, sleeves, hems, pockets, etc., with your ankara fabric.

Ankara Fashion for Men as Pants 

a guy wearing African print trousers as ankara fashion for men

Need a new pair of trousers? How about you sew one with your ankara material? You can pair it with any color of shirt from white to black, grey, navy blue, etc.

Ankara Tie 

ankara tie on a white shirt and suit

You can also make neck accessories with your fabric. Whether it’s a bow tie or long tie, you’ll look great when you add it to your shirt or suit collection.

Bomber Jacket Ankara Fashion for Men

a guy rocking ankara bomber jacket

Is the weather cold and you need to feel warm? Or do you just love to layer your casual outfits for more impact? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need an ankara bomber jacket. It affords you comfort, street style, and class.

Ankara Shorts

picture of yellow and green ankara shorts on a man

Would you like to flaunt your legs like women do? Go for this style. You can keep your shorts at any length of your choice. It all depends on you.

Ankara Suits

a man wearing sunglasses while rocking an ankara suit

Don’t get it twisted; ankara suits still give off that formal vibe but in an Afrocentric way. They’re perfect for African-themed business-related events.

Ankara Fashion for Men as Waistcoats

ankara fashion fr men waistcoat

Don’t want a full suit? Not a problem at all. You can create an ankara waistcoat and use it to layer your shirts and pants. You’ll look dashing in formal settings.

Ankara Shoes

ankara palm slippers

Ankara fashion for me isn’t limited to clothes. You can also have them as shoes too. And for this, you need a skilled shoemaker who’ll birth superb designs with your fabrics.

And that’s a wrap on Ankara fashion for men. If you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve seen so far and you need more styles to choose from, check these out:

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