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Baddie Hairstyles: 22 Inspos to Glam Up Your Hot Girl Look

Being a baddie isn’t about the clothes you wear. Your head-to-toe looks matter too. This includes baddie hairstyles, makeup, shoes, and accessories. But today, let’s focus on your hair.

a lady wearing a cute baddie hairstyle

Apostle Paul wasn’t wrong when he described a woman’s hair as her glory. A woman’s hair is indeed her glory and crown. Whether it’s a buzz cut or long hair, our hair magnifies our looks. And baddies know this. It’s why they invest in chic coiffures that transform their looks.

If you too are looking to imbibe the baddie aesthetic, having a bad hair day shouldn’t be on your itinerary. Instead, you need to wear beautiful hairstyles. And if that’s what you want to achieve, you’ve come to the right place. Together, we’ll look at the best hairstyles that can elevate you from plain Jane to baddie.

What are the Baddie Hairstyles?

Victoria Willie wearing a ponytail faux locs hairstyle and a playsuit

Ever looked at a young lady and drooled over her beauty? No, I’m not referring to her facial beauty alone, but everything about her from her hairstyle to her dress and shoes. If you have, there’s a high chance she was a baddie. Who’s a baddie and what type of hairdo does she wear, you ask? I’ll tell you.

She’s an effortlessly beautiful, confident, and hot boss babe who sets trends, is proud of her skin, and wears quality hairdos, makeup, and stylish clothes. She gives off an aura of class meshed with sheer beauty. She’s the kinda girl you look at, admire, then hit “follow” on Instagram. 

From that description, you can tell baddie hairstyles are coifs that enhance the grace of such ladies. In essence, your baddie outfits aren’t complete if you’re not wearing quality hair. Whether it’s expensive weaves, gorgeous braids, or any fanciful hairdo, baddies never miss out on them. They also explore different hair lengths and colors ranging from black to blonde, or any bold color they prefer. Some of the hairstyles include:

All Kinds of Box Braids

lady flaunting her box braids

From knotless braids to Coi Leray braids, Fulani braids, peekaboo braids, Boho braids, and even regular box braids, this is one baddie hairstyle you should wear. Furthermore, you can wear your braids in different lengths and sizes whether small, jumbo, short, or long.

Baddie Cornrows

a lady on cornrows as baddie hairstyle

You can also wear cornrows and let your forehead shine. Feel free to add curls to the cornrows as this will further add more accents to the simplicity of your hairstyle.

Sleek Weaves

a lady on sleek straigh weaves

Do you love to wear long, straight weaves that enhance your facial properties? If you don’t, be prepared to invest in this hairdo because it’s a major part of the baddie starter pack.

Colored Haircuts

lady rocking coloured hairstyle

Baddies who want a break from their natural hair tend to cut it and rock a buzz or low cut. But they don’t leave the hair in its natural color. They tint it to any bold color of their choice. You too should do the same.

Bob Baddie Hairstyles

a baddie rocking bob hairstyle

There’s this clean, posh look that a bob wig gives. It frames your face while highlighting your neck and shoulders. Also, the bob hairstyle is comfy and stylish too.

Pixie Cuts

lady with pixie cut taking a mirror selfie

Baddies wear pixie cuts in any color. It’s a comfy hairstyle that keeps your hair off your face unless you’re adding bangs to it.

Faux Locs Baddie Hairstyles

a fine girl wearing fax locs as baddie hairstyle

Would you like to wear locs without the commitment of real dreadlocks? If yes, give faux locks a shot. From soft locs to butterfly locs, etc., dreadlocks with extensions are perfect for any bowman who loves to slay.

Curly Baddie Hairstyles

a lady on curly hair

You can choose to wear braids with curls or go for kinky or curly weaves. Curls and waves are excellent at topping up your elegance

Ponytails & Updos

a lady on ponytail

A ponytail may be a simple hairdo but it’s gorgeous. Its understated elegance is perhaps what attracts most ladies to it. From braided updos to half-up, half-down hairstyles, your baddie hairstyles aren’t complete without this on your list.

Laid Edges & Accessories Keep Your Baddie Hairstyles Popping

a lady on baddie hairstyle with laid edges

A baddie can wear almost all the beautiful hairstyles in the world. And that’s because in the world of fashion and beauty, how is greater than what. In other words, how you wear your hairdo matters more than what hairstyle you wear.

Therefore, a great way to keep your coiffure popping is to lay your edges and accessorize. Even when you don’t adorn your hair with hair accessories, laying your edges gives the coiffure a neat finish that emphasizes your sophistication. So keep this in mind as you pull these hairstyles off.

And if you need more baddie hairstyles to transform you into a diva, check these out below:

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