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40 Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

If there’s any coiffure I wear that gets me the most compliment, it’s the pixie cut. This is one hairdo that flatters your face in every sense of the word. Just like short braiding hair, pixie cut hairstyles aren’t long. They stop around the nape of your neck and sometimes sit around your forehead.

lady with sunglasses rocking pixie cut hairstyle

Don’t think twice about it if this hairstyle is on your mind. Go for it with all your heart. And to help you start on the right foot, we rounded up our favorite pixie cuts in this post. 

smiling Rihanna wearing pixie cut hairstyle

Get ready to read, scroll, screenshot, and visit your hairstylist, because these cute pixie styles will convince you to give it a shot.

Why Women Wear Pixie Cuts?

smiling lady wearing classic pixie cut hairstyle with hoop earrings

Pixie cuts for women are convenient short hairstyles that suit just any face. They’re about half an inch to three inches long. And they may either be the same length all through or cut shorter on the back/sides and longer on the top.

lady with nosering wearing pixie cut

This hairstyle screams convenience. It’s comfy and won’t disturb your back or face as it isn’t even long in the first place.

lady with pixie looking back

It’s also a low-maintenance hairdo. You don’t have to worry about spending time in front of a mirror styling your hair. You don’t even have to worry about your hair tangling or having to thoroughly brush your weaves anytime you wanna go out.

Just use your tail comb to straighten and you’ll be good to go. Easy peasy!

lady wearing stylish pixie cut

Furthermore, it’s an always-in-style coiffure. You can wear it any time of the year without feeling out of fashion. The best part is it perfectly frames your face to reveal your standout features like your cheekbones, eyes, forehead, ears, etc. 

lady wearing pixie cut in the street

It’s one coiffure that not only elevates your style but also welcomes facial embellishments. For example, donning a pixie cut lets you wear bold makeup and statement earrings without your hair concealing anything.

tattooed lady wearing pixie cut

And if you’re a lover of gender fluid or androgynous fashion, the pixie cut is the perfect hairdo to go with your menswear-inspired outfits. 

What Face Shape does a Pixie Cut Suit?

pretty lady wearing pixie cut

Oval, round, square, and heart face shapes can pull off a pixie because it flatters any face shape. 

lady wearing blond pixie cut hairstyle talking

You just have to decide on the color, length, and type of cute pixie cut hairstyles you want.

Is a Pixie Cut Good for Older Ladies?

old lady rocking white hair pixie cut

Pixie hairstyles are perfect for women of all ages. So, whether you’re a Gen Z or a gen X, or even a baby boomer, you’ll look great with this style. 

young lady wearing pixie cut with bangs

And when you’re over 60, this coiffure can make you look younger by highlighting your facial features. 

Types of Pixie Cuts

lady with cross earrings wearing pixie cut

Short hair never gives stress as opposed to long hair. Whether it’s a pixie cut or a low haircut, there is nothing as exciting as trying new and comfy styles for your hair. 

lady taking a mirror selfie with her pixie cut hairstyle

Furthermore, pixie-cut hairstyles come in different types. And you can achieve them with any kind of weave. Here they are:

1. Long Pixie Cuts

side view of a lady wearing long pixie cut

Long pixie hairstyles are still short hair. The unique thing about it is that it’s longer than regular pixies. 

lady wearing long pixie cut hairstyle

These styles mostly come as side-swept or extend in length at the back or front.

2. Pixie Cuts with Bangs

lady wearing blond pixie cut with bangs

This style brings accents to your forehead. Like any fringe hairstyle, pixie cuts with bangs is a great big forehead hairstyle that covers your forehead from public glare.

lady wearing black pixie cut with bangs

You can go for full-coverage bangs or side-swooped ones.

3. Extremely Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles

pretty lady wearing white extremely short pixie cut hairstyle

These pixie hairstyles are really short. They stay right on your head without extending too much to the back of your neck. 

lady wearing extremely short pixie cut hairstyle

And if they have bangs, the bangs are short too.

4. Classic Short Pixie Cuts

smiling lady wearing blond classic pixie cut

A classic short pixie haircut is the pixie you know. It’s tapered around the back and sides, with a little more length on the top. 

lady wearing a blond classic pixie cut while fidling phone

This style lets you add short or long bangs to complement its look.

5. Bold-Colored Pixie Cuts

lady wearing yellow pixie cut

Pixie cut hairstyles are not limited to any color. 

Victoria Willie wearing blond pixie cut

So, feel free to try different colors ranging from black to red, white, blonde, blue, purple, etc., with or without curls.

6. Messy Pixie Cuts

lady rocking messy pixie cut

This style looks…messy. They give off this tousled yet neat hair vibe.

lady wearing brunette messy pixie cut

You can achieve this style by creating layers that would peek from your head. This isn’t only beautiful but also chic especially if you wanna look like an Anime character.

7. Curly Pixies

lady wearing red messy pixie cut

Need an extra leap from the regular pixie styles? How about you make yours curly?

lady wearing curly pixie cut

You’ll love the accents it’ll add to your hair.

8. Spiky Pixie Cuts

lady wearing spiky pixie cut hairstyle

These feminine pixie cuts are edgy short pixie cuts with sharp textures. The sides and back are shorter with longer layers (or spikes) around the top.

lady wearing colored spiky pixie cut

This style is a cute one and requires fewer products to style.

9. Flat Pixie Cut Hairstyles

pretty lady wearing flat pixie cut

Flat pixies are cute pixie cut hairstyles for black women that lie flat on your head. 

beautiful lady wearing flat pixie cut

They have no spikes, neither are they messy nor layered. They just lie flat from the back all the way to the front.

10. Side-Swept Pixie

lady wearing white side-swept pixie cut

This hairdo swoops to the side. It could be the bangs or even the whole hair.

side view of a lady wearing side-swept pixie cut

It’s a great option to accentuate your side profile and achieve something different from what you’d regularly wear.

11. Layered Pixie Cut

lady rocking pink layered pixie cut

This style is a seamless combo of long and short hair that give the illusion of steps. 

lady wearing red layered pixie cut

Layers make your hair light while maintaining length and volume.

12. Multicolored Pixie Cuts

lady wearing multi-colored pixie cut

If you don’t wanna rock solid-colored pixie hair, there’s no harm in mixing different colors. 

side view of a lady wearing multi-colored pixie cut hairstyle

It’s an easy way to make a style statement without trying hard.

smiling lady wearing green pixie cut

I hope these images of pixie cuts have inspired you to use the screenshot button. The hairstyle is a gorgeous one. You just need to find a good hairstylist who’ll give you your desired results.

lady with nose ring wearing blond pixie cut hairstyle with statement earrings

Most importantly, remember to show your stylist a reference so they know exactly what you want. Or would you prefer returning home from the salon with a hairdo you regret installing?

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