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Model Of The Week: Zainab Ayobami Odugbemi

Born into a family of six, Zainab Ayobami Odugbemi is a 19-year-old commercial model who dwells more on African traditional themes and arts. She began her journey into modeling in 2017 when she attended a casting to model for Damask_kollection and Xpressionalez-afrodesigns. She, being a lover of arts, had no difficulty in carrying out the jobs to perfection.

Even before she realized that the faces she usually saw on the covers/back pages of magazines, soap packs and calendars were models, her childhood admiration for them propelled her to keep the dream alive.

Zainab Ayobami Odugbemi

Aside being a model, Zainab is a creative writer. She began writing at an early age and took a leap into poetry the same year she started modeling. To her, writing is something she cannot help but do. She is currently studying Mass Communication in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta and hopes to fuse in pageantry, theatre, fashion and poetry with her modeling career.

Zainab Ayobami Odugbemi

Zainab Ayobami Odugbemi has also had her share of discouraging moments while chasing her dream of modeling but she clings to the belief that wherein lies passion, lies an unflinching interest. With the tough competition in the game, she never hesitates to add more spice to any of her special concepts so as to make it distinct from other models around her.

Zainab Ayobami Odugbemi

Having gotten to the final six in Miss Ogun Culture 2018, she hopes to achieve greater heights in modeling as time goes on. Follow Zainab on Instagram @_its_bammy

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