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Model of the Week: Jachinma Ben-Iheanacho

Jachinma  Ben-Iheanacho is a 19-year old freelance commercial model based in Abuja. She is currently studying Psychology in University of Uyo.

If one could guess people’s occupation or hobbies by their gaits, then anyone’s guess on sighting Jachi would tilt towards modeling.

Jachinma Ben-Iheanacho

Since childhood, what fascinated her about modeling is the way models strut down the runway with such effortless majesty.

As usual for every svelte young lady, her slenderness won her the admiration of people and recommendation for the art.

Soon, she took up the dream and discovered it’s been a major attraction, a lifestyle, an expression of herself; her reservoir of confidence.

Jachinma Ben-Iheanacho

Jachinma  Ben-Iheanacho sees her modeling experience to be one which has broadened her horizon and bolstered her humility.

She has learned how to work with people and how to work with limited resources.

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Jachi hopes to attain that height of international acclaim. Having her face on the cover of magazines and billboards would be a dream come true.

In addition, she owes her growth in modeling to her team in Uyo which comprises her photographer, @danieyes, her makeup artist, @percyudofia and her colleague and friend, @divine_kpadobi.

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Jachinma Ben-Iheanacho

You’re can follow Jachinma  Ben-Iheanacho on Instagram @jachiiben.

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